NEWBIE Suffering from Information Overload

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Good morning!

I'm looking for some guidance b4 I literally implode from information overload. I'm completely new to IM, CB, PPC, CPA, etc. ...OMG! it hurts... and I'm completely confused and frustrated:confused:. After a few weeks of study & review, I dove in head first and bought a massive head injury!

Folks, I'm not asking for any freebies, just a bit guidance. I haven't made a dime YET and my focus is completely "all over the place". Taking full ownership, I am, in short, an absolute IM mess!

Any assistance/guidance is and will be greatly appreciated. Thanks & Happy Thursday!

P.S. Did mention that I really need an immediate infusion of cash cause its costing me to go to work now!

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    Internet is a big business. Just focus in what you know for now. Don't try to learn everything in short period of time. It takes time.
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      Gargantuan! The problem for me is that I BELIEVE I know too darn much! I done quite well in my workaday life with offline marketing but have found it increasingly necessary to expand my market ONLINE. The transition is increasingly frustrating and equally mal-productive.

      Maybe if I find and press my very elusive RESET button I can get! Thanks for the recommendation and the vote of confidence ! Apprecia8!
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      Thanks TomC! I need and want it so badly that I failed to realize the it really does "...take time." I just wish I knew wehere that darn FF button was hiding!

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    Focus on one method. Keep improving with this method until you are confident to try a new one.
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      Focus on one method and stick with it. And take action. Don't think like 'ok, this sounds interesting, let's do this' and then do nothing (or just write one article and give up).

      Good luck!
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        Do you know my conscious...? You are spot on! I STARTED to write my first article but I saw a damned shiny new offering and completely FAILED to return to what really felt good to me; i.e writing an article.

        Appreci8 the reply!
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    Time to stop learning, pick a discipline that you feel most comfortable with and start taking action. There are no rags to riches in 3 days strategies. Just takes a good business plan and lots of good old hard work.

    Good Luck
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      Article marketing is usually a good way to get a little experience and then you can quickly move on to having your own affiliate niche websites, once you get that right you can really make some progress.

      There are other ways but unless you have something specific in mind that's usually to easiest way to get started,


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      MMG I agree completely but of course I found that out the HARD WAY! If I hadn't taken the time to ask you all for some guidance, I would have bet the farm on a pot of gold actually being at the end of that IM rainbow! FOrtunately, I haven't thrown countless dollars at the several WSO offerings I've seen over the past few months... thank goodness

      Advice well stated and accepted without condition. appreci8!
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    Focus on giving away a free report or newsletter and collecting emails. Do that everyday for a year and you will be set.

    Everyday ask yourself "how can I get more people to signup for my newsletter today"
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      Got it but are you recommending publishing the article, newsletter, etc @WarriorForum or directly to the list several 1000 emails I've collected over the past 2-3 years. I considered that but much of what I've written is going to require considerable rewrites to sanitize the product.

      Nevertheless, I'm up for the challenge and do appreci8 your vote of confidence!
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    My best advice would take it easy. Digest everything you read but don't take everyhting as gospel truth.

    IM is such a big area that even some old-timers (meant that in a good way) say that they're still learning.
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    Here's a VERY IMPORTANT tip that will help
    you. (It helped me when I got started about 8+
    years ago online, - yep, being that long since)

    Here goes...

    Look for that area/niche in IM that excites you
    or one that you think you can bring your "natural"
    talents/skills to bear, then CONCENTRATE first
    on learning all you can about it - for free, of
    course. Thankfully, there's a lot of free stuff
    on this forum to help you get a firm grip on lots
    of such. You can get started with the all in one
    series at this warrior forum:

    Only when you have REALLY mastered that one
    area/niche should you think of going into

    For example, when I started, my mentor told me
    to focus on my area of "natural" expertise, which
    in my own case was WRITING. Apart from my
    Communication degree in college, I had natural
    talents in writing (even wrote a novel in my teens),
    so the first area I concentrated on was writing.

    I spent a lot of time just learning MORE about
    how to write. Not just how to write articles
    but also how to write Press Releases, Salesletters
    (yep - I write most of my own salesletters), etc.

    And tell you the truth - it has brought me very
    far and I have achieved a lot with it,

    So - for all newbies here - focus on your areas of

    Hope this helps,

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      I understand your situation as I've been there 2 years ago. I tried learning different things and implemented strategies that I thought would work in the first place. Then I found myself drowning in info overload. My advice to you is to take it one step at a time. Don't try to learn so many things. Just learn the things that you can. Take it easy, this is not an overnight success, you might experience this for about 6mos.-1yr, learn one step at a time and be consistent to it and never give up.

      Once you have learned one method and mastered it, time to move on to the next step and master it as well.

      Hope this helps.
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        I agree. I've got to regain my focus because none of what I've done up to point feels natural or good for that matter. Rebooting!

        Appreciate the kind remarks!
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    • Profile picture of the author Ton Timmons
      Thanks a bunch Kingsley! Ringing the bell! Great recommendation taken to heart! Appreci8!
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        Originally Posted by Ton Timmons View Post

        Thanks a bunch Kingsley! Ringing the bell! Great recommendation taken to heart! Appreci8!
        You forgot to click the "thanks" button,

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    Focus on one first the you'll learn the other as you work through it. The internet is really quite a big business and there really is a lot to learn. Another thing is, it evolves really fast. Start with the simple ones and you'll get to the complex ones. Take it one step at a time and you'll get there.
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    Hi Ton,

    Get a mentor!

    My guy is Alex Jeffries! top drawer...


    good luck

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    My best advice to newbies.

    Dont read a lot and try to overcome it. It wont due. Just read about your preferred starting point.

    Pick just one sub-niche in IM and work it until money comes in. Its all about mastering one technique, before getting to a new one.

    Then you build on that method and add another and so on.


    1) You could start with article-writing. Learn the basis of AW and start selling your articles at warriorforum, then you will learn to write in a proper manner, make money and get a client base. Later on, when you become a succesfull writer, raise your price and keep a good and solid customer base by delivering at time and in requested quality. Then do five art. a day for 10 dol, thats 50 dol. a day.

    2) Learn keyword-research from the best in business. Make a post in (WF warriors for hire), about your keyword service, where you offer keyword service extended at a price of 19 dollars a deal.

    Send requests to three warriors, with a least 100 posts and make them use your service - free of charge. You deliver the service for free, and they provide a testimonal to your "business-letter", that claims - that you know your stuff.

    3) Start simpel blogbuilding. Use the great program in here from Steven R, which in my opinion, is one of the best makers and teachers in the world, for doing microblogs.
    (Hope Steven read this).

    Learn the basis of microblogging; setup, configure, monetarizarion, and building traffic - so the blog makes you a minimum of 50 dollars a month. Then build another blog, that makes 50 dollars a month. Now, you got two income streams, making you at least 100 dollars a month.

    You will find tons of good stuff, methods and techniques in this forum. I will recommend, to get into the warroom. its 37 doll. one time fee, but just one thread read and implemented successfully, money back.....


    Internetmarketing is easy to understand, but difficult to practice.
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    The IM game is a big puzzle, you need to know many things to make it work. However, it is not rocket science like I said before. I would recommend one thing, unsubscribe from the lists of marketers that are not providing you with any value, and by that marketers that are just pushing for a sale. Nothing wrong with selling, but we are here to provide value too and for they are not useful because they are just there to profit and sell you the next shiny object.

    You may want to try going to and search for a mentorship program, I heard Chris Farrell Membership to be good (I'm not being paid to say this) and learn the fundamentals of internet marketing (traffic, conversion, list building, relationship marketing) and go from there.


    If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

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      Hey Ton,

      Send me a PM and I will send you a complete course for nothing to help you get started.

      I understand your frustration. Just hang in there.

      Wishing you the best,

      p.s. Give me 24 hours to respond. I don't hang out in the forum as much as I use to.

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  • Profile picture of the author Mike Schwenk
    I have some great reading for you that a fellow Warrior here shared with me. If you're interested, you can leave your e-mail on my profile page (you don't have enough posts to PM yet) or you can leave it in this thread if you wish. If possible, Skype is the best way to reach me directly (details to the left). It will take you about 20-30 minutes to read.

    - Mike
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    • Profile picture of the author solton
      I just realized that you may not be able to pm yet.

      Send me an email at

      I will send you a complete course to help you get started.



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    Chose one technique you feel comfortable with (article writing, social media, whatever). Create a blog with some useful information and use that technique to drive traffic and get subscribers.
    Master the technique. Everyday look for having one more subscriber.
    Brand yourself.
    And, in top of that, plan. If you don't plan you don't know where to go.

    Resources, Tools and Strategies for Starting Your Own Business In the Internet

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  • Profile picture of the author RentItNow
    The one thing I wish someone told me in the beginning is to focus on a hot market (rivers instead of creeks), not what you THINK is a hot market. The way to find those river markets is with an IM "GPS system" such as Google Keyword Analysis Tool, Market Samurai or MicroNiche Finder.

    I would have saved 10 months if I would have listened to that advice in the beginning.

    The next lesson is you need to learn how to SELL and not focus so much on getting traffic. People focus so much on traffic solutions that they completely forget about the fact they have to sell to make money. Selling is easy when people see your passion. So make sure you are selling something that is HOT (rivers) and you are passionate about.

    The last lesson is, if you can figure out a way to make $1, all you do is scale it up. Most IMers are focusing on making that million with this system or that, that they rarely remember that if you can sell one, you can sell many.
    I have no agenda but to help those in the same situation. This I feel will pay the bills.
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