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Have you noticed that most successful websites like google and yahoo have white background theme.?Warrior forum is also one.

I was creating my blog using a dark and colorful theme. And my friend told me not to use dark and other colors than white because google and other big websites has white background. And all colors would match on the site.
In fact, the true reason is white background is easy to load and customized.

Do you believe that white background theme is lucky?
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  • The Warrior forum actually has a bit of a greyish background, but white for where the text, etc is.

    I don't believe it really has much to do with luck, as opposed to for most users, it is simply easier to read.

    Generally speaking, black (darker) backgrounds, etc, are usually associated with "tech" sites, or "gaming" sites, or "cool stuff" sites. (Of course not all of those types of sites have black backgrounds, but ones with those types of backgrounds, colors, etc tend to be in that type of genre).
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    In my offline marketing I've only used white papers and did well in converting so when I finally build my first blog or webpage, I've be using the white backgrnd! Gr8 catch TomC123
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      There probably isn't anything particularly lucky about a white background... but who knows? A visually effective and coordinated color scheme is probably more important. Haven't ever tested B/W vs. color schemes so I can't speak from experience on that one.

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    White is more natural to the color of paper so people relate it more to the real media of reading. Mixed with "white space", zen layouts and easy to read fonts, it also instills a sense of professionalism. This can be done with any background color as long as everything else is professional, but somehow white makes even semi-bad pages look good.

    I remember reading somewhere, I think a book by the guys that did websites that suck that you should only use a black or dark site once in your life because it takes such a professional to properly pull it off.
    I have no agenda but to help those in the same situation. This I feel will pay the bills.
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    It's not really about LUCK, it's about what is
    "easy" on the eyes. I absolutely hate sites/blogs/
    forums with black background, yuk!

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    I don't find any luck in it. But, yes, that's true that the site will load faster, plus, white contrasts with most other colors.

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    Doesn't have anything to do with luck. It's usability. Dark text on white background is easy on the eyes. You don't see books published with black pages and white text or red pages and yellow text ... there's a reason for that.

    A lot of designers I've seen have used some awful combinations that are very hard to read and a real strain on the eyes, including things like medium gray on a black background ... lol. No contrast and you can barely find the text.
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    I recall reading through Maddox's site (the
    best page in the universe...) — he has a
    black background with near-white text.

    He reckons it's easier on the eyes than
    a white background / black text combo
    because of the light from your screen
    is not so intense...and something about
    how an all white background is not like
    reading a book because books don't
    shine light in your eyes...

    I can't recall exactly, but there you go.

    But that's just a crazy pirates view
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