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The secret is to have a lot of followers who trust you. That's why its essential you participate occasionally instead of using automated means all the time.

I will recommend putting a twitter button on your site. Those who join your twit from your site/advertisement are more likely to respond to your offer than people who follow you from twitter. The reason is, those following you from twitter have the same purpose as you - to SELL. By adding a twitter button on your site you will be building your own responsive and highly targeted followers.

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    Twitter marketing is very similar to blogging.

    It's very time consuming to constantly come up with
    new content and maintain a healthy blog.

    So, to have a successful twitter marketing campaign, you'll
    have to Mix It Up-automated and personal content together
    will make you and your twitter account look real.

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    I often put up links to news articles and stuff with a quick commentary, not just making every tweet about my site. It makes me look more diversified and gives people a reason to actually follow me. I only tweet a few times a week though.
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      Personally, I think it's best to build a number of followers organically, as in they're following you because they want to hear from you.

      I started following a bunch of people in the beginning to see if I could get a big following, but it seemed to much like a safelist (everyone always placing ads) so I unfollowed everyone I don't know.

      Now I'm going to use twitter to share things I find out and hopefully the only people following me will want to see my tweets, as opposed to 'putting up with them' because they don't want to lose followers.
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