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by sebas
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Hey there,

Do any of you guys have experience outsourcing handwritten transcription of texts.

I'm often on the go and I write lots of articles on paper when I don't have access to a laptop and retyping them is a pain in the ***.

I don't have much experience in outsourcing and I wanted to know about good services to find people and the quality I should get versus the price I should pay.

I imagine that I should test the person with my own hand-writing to see if he or she understands it well and works fast enough.

Even better would be for the person to write the texts directly in new Wordpress posts with the right formatting for the titles as well as do very basic spelling corrections from what the software detects as errors. Maybe this is too much to ask though, considering that I want to keep my budget very low for this kind of work.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    You could always use Dragon Naturally Speaking software to transcribe it. I don't use it but it comes with a lot of recommendations around here.
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