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This is my first post on these forums; been lurking for a couple of weeks. I searched for this subject & didn't find anything in the first couple of pages; please feel free to point me to existing threads if they're relevant.

I was pointed here from the 30 Day Challenge boards, where I was taken on a crash course in IM in order to pay for my days-from-being-born first baby. I've been learning a lot; I've got an Ebook and a growing collection of articles as well as a few blogs and some Ezine Articles.

I've kind of reached a hovering point (at zero traffic), however, because I've been told to socially bookmark all of my articles/blogs/pages, etc -- but I've also been told that I have to do it RIGHT. In other words, generic blurbs on Digg or Delicious get ignored, and are a waste of time.

The question I'd like to put to the forum is simple: when you're social-bookmarking, what is your general strategy for writing eye-catching, traffic-inducing blurbs? Are there tricks for optimizing blurbs for search engines, or is that important? How do you make sure people actually SEE your social-bookmark entries?

Also, while I'm at it, if any of you take a glance at my pages (linked above) and have some advice for me, please PM me. I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you!

Michael Danielson,
newbie to fatherhood, internet marketing, and trying to turn my life around
experienced at poverty, retail (=poverty), unemployment, and just recently -- hope.
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    I hope this isn't severly discouraged - this thread just ended up on the second page with 0 views. So -- bump.
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      Social bookmarking is at least a bit of a can of worms. First you are dealing with people who are mostly bored, lonely and with absolutely nothing better to do, and they have negative votes too. The initial traffic is just about worthless but I've read that the initial burst can result in links that will last longer. The second part certainly hasn't happened to me, but it could possibly be true. A link about the traffic with a quote from it. What it Means to "get dugg" from a Business Standpoint | CenterNetworks "In 24 hours,
      we had over 20,000 pageviews to the dugg article. We didn't make
      enough in clicks from all of our ad sources to buy a happy meal.
      No, I am not talking about a big mac meal super sized, I am talking
      about a kids happy meal. Maybe if they leave the toy out we can afford
      it." 7 Oct 06

      There are a lot of articles like that about the traffic and in fact of sites that have experienced it (rather than forum posters that theorize about it) the kids (almost) happy meal was by far the best results I've ever read about.

      To get the traffic most pages won't do. You would have to specialize and adapt it to the interests of the site you are submitting it to. This link goes into good detail about that. 10 Steps to Guarantee You Make the Digg Front Page

      As far as your headline and submit post, I would just look at the general style of a few of the page 1 submissions. For digg and for reddit for example these are almost opposite. Reddit has a headline that tends to be quite short, and nothing else. Digg follows it with a little descriptive paragraph, but being just a bit cynical these days, I wouldn't risk trying to stretch out the readers attention there for more than about 3 short sentences.

      Here are a few more digg alternatives that you can practice on and get some traffic for your trouble, but each has a different way of signing up and posting, and I've decided that I should also learn to keep my attention span short, at least for this area.,,,

      So good luck with all that, your situation and what you are trying to do certainly wouldn't be easy for me. Personally for less risk I would try an off line second job but that might not be an option for you. But best wishes and of course your approach could turn out better than either of us expect.

      Do something spectacular; be fulfilled. Then you can be your own hero. Prem Rawat

      The KimW WSO

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