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I'm just about to finish my first ebook/report thingy, and I'd really like to get a professional looking eCover for it. I could probably gin one up with Paint Shop Pro, but I'm certain that would be an exercise in time-wastage.

Who would y'all recommend for something like this? I really like the ones that look like spiral-bound soft-cover books, like Jonathan Leger's "Write That Report!"


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    Hey Jake,

    I sent you a PM with the name and contact info for the guy that we've used many times. Many marketers that we have partnered with over the past several years or currently partner with have also used him and like his work a lot.

    His name is Derek Barbour.

    His prices are great and his work is amazing.

    I didn't want to post his email address in this thread (the reason for a PM) but if anyone else is looking for a great Graphic Artist, he's a great choice.

    Thanks and good luck on your product,

    Scott Raven
    Raven Squared
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    It's that time again.... I will do it for FREE.

    Every once in a while I offer my service for free...
    this is based on the pass it forward, that means someday
    you need to do something for someone for free...

    If you can follow the pass it forward rule contact me.

    Richard Dean

    5 Minute Mobile Sites... My Next WSO Comming Soon.

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    jake i know a few ecover designer who do very good job
    you can pm me for details thanks

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    click here=>http://members.flycatchergenerator.c...ey.php?nid=493

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    Hi Jake,
    I have what you need and I can do it fast!!! I have done plenty. Contact me and I'll give you a great rate. For WF members I give a great discounted price as is requested for us to do and I want to help you out too. I can have it to you right away in a variety of styles.

    I have done free work in the past for people I know, but they end up not valuing my time or service and they take have advantage or push for more free work. They want the same deal again and again. More importantly they don't bring you more work or leads. Time is money and design is a service, not a product you can give away with out a price. That has not worked for me and many others I know. I am worth what I earn.

    The price you see on my site will not be your price by far. Email me and I'll make you a professional custom ecover cheap and fast for you.

    Good luck!
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      Thanks Sylvia! I sent you an e-mail via the forum.


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    Let me know if you still need ecover for your product.

    All the best!
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    Hi Jake,

    Feel free to check us out if you're still looking for one. we have several competitive designers in our pool whom you may find qualified for the position.
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      Thanks for all the replies. I've actually got two folks helping me out on this at the moment. Great response as usual. This is an amazing forum!

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