Are Elephants The Secret To Online Success?

by doop
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In this post you will learn how you most likely already know exactly how you can be more successful online - chances are you learnt everything you need to know as a kid - you just need a little reminding.
Story time...

Think back to when you were a child - most kids played with wooden puzzles. (Maybe not elephants ones - but I did!!!)

Think about how easy it was to put them together - a few big pieces - you usually even had the end result in front of you as a picture on the box.

Not only did you know exactly what your end result was - there was only ONE very obvious way your pieces could fit together to complete the picture.
As you grew up - you might have gotten a more difficult puzzle - this time there might have been more pieces.

And while this puzzle might have taken a little longer and more complex - you usually knew exactly what you were building before you started.
When it got boring you just walked away for a while - but as long as you kept coming back and putting just a few more pieces in - eventually you had the final picture!
If you ever built puzzles with others - you might remember how working with others - got the puzzle built faster - it even became more fun and exciting to see the end result in sight!

So what does all this have to do with online businesses?
People in online marketing generally fall into one of two categories:
1. They have so many 'pieces' they just don't know where to start!

2. They have most of the 'pieces' but are missing the critical few to actually make it!

Don't be one of these people!

4 Lessons to take away from this story:
1.Make sure you have a plan - it's easier to put a puzzle together when you have at least a rough idea of the end result!!!

2.Stick with one 'puzzle' until you have an end result! If you do get sick of it - make sure yo eventually come back to it!!! In IM success comes from the accumulation of finished projects!
3. Get others to help you 'put the pieces together' it'll save you frustration and you'll be less likely to give up!
4. Get private coaching - it doesn't have to be expensive! Find someone locally who has done what you want to achieve or find someone on the forums who will give you perspective - sometimes your so 'close to the puzzle' your missing the pieces you sitting on!!!!

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    I'd like to add that it's easier to start with all of the pieces. Most newbies( I did it too) buy a domain, set up a site, set up a landing page, then start writing articles or whatever.

    It's much easier to make a site design, make a landing page, write the article, then just upload the site and drip the content.
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    2. They have most of the 'pieces' but are missing the critical few to actually make it!
    Some have the Toys but no Batteries!

    I mean they just sit on all the knowledge they have purchased
    and never act.
    Nice presentation and trip down Memory Lane Doop.
    You've got it Made
    with the Guy in the Shades!
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    Thanks. Good job. My addition would be this: IF the 3 piece puzzle can work for you as well as the 26 piece or the 100-1000 piece puzzle, stick with the simple one.

    Warriors like to overcomplicate things. I suggest they look at your post, stare at the first puzzle and try to figure out a way to simplify their mission. With IM it might look like:

    Find a market (niche, buyers, passion index, interests, etc.)
    Create/Acquire a product for this market.
    Offer the product to the market.

    IF this 3 piece puzzle works and produces results, then we have to ask ourselves IF the benefits vs costs are worth putting the more complicated puzzle together.

    THANKS doop, you've given plenty of food for thought. Maybe I could bake elephant puzzles (out of cookie dough) and then people would be able to eat the elephant one delicious bite at a time. HA!

    Great post.

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