Halloween PLR Graphics Pack...Any Interest?

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So, I just got done creating a package of 14 different graphics geared towards Halloween, and, since they were all hand made by me, I was going to run this collection as a WSO at probably a starting price of $10.

Here's a sample image of all 14 graphics:

What do you guys and gals think?

Is there enough demand for something like this, especially since it will come with PLR and I can legally do this since I created all the graphics myself?

Is the price right, or should it be higher, lower?

Anything you can suggest would be most appreciated

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    I ran a holiday themed minisite package that I created as a wso last week. Not a whole lot of interest though. Sold a few, then removed it and took it elsewhere. So I don't know, might as well try though, the graphics look good and it would only cost you $20 to find out. Good luck.

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    I would have to agree not much of an interest I guess as I have a christmas one.. But we will see how it goes, so far not too bad...

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      Nice graphics Tracy, but there are a lot of these packages around, some have editable headers and footers included too, so I don't know how well the offer might sell.

      The fact that you are going to offer PLR will add value to your offer, but the problem with Halloween, is that it is something that is recognised in only certain countries of the world and comes relatively close to Christmas, which is what most consumers are focussing on.

      If you are going to launch your product, then I would suggest that you do so without delay, otherwise potential purchasers will have very limited time to put your graphics to use, before the "big day".

      Anyway, I guess that this post has not been of too much use, but the very best of luck with whatever you decide to do.

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