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Strapped for Cash?

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Here are a couple of cheap tips for those who are still getting started and
need some guerilla marketing techniques.

I am not going to go into a whole bunch here but wanted to share a few idea's to generate some traffic, nice back links to your site and some other ways to capture opt-ins if you have no autoresponder, website etc and generate some cash to get you going.

This takes a bit more work but the guerilla marketer does not mind the extra work in the short term for the long term payoff.

NOTE: KEEP EACH APPLICATION I DISCUSS OPEN Minimize the ones you are not using. This will make navigation easier, quicker and easier to follow along with.

  1. Find a a couple of free PLR ebooks (specific to a niche..they are out there you just need to look) and rebrand them with your info.
  2. Next Find some affiliate products at Clickbank or Paydot.
  3. Pick the programs that fit and sprinkle some text links in the eBook. Take some time and switch up some of the info in the book to make it a bit more original.
  4. Now go through the ebook (hopefully it is longer than 50 pages or so...if not adapt accordingly) and pick out 10-15 pages that are pretty good. Copy and paste them into a separate word doc. Leave this doc open and minimize it for later. Make some changes to these pages adding content and moving some things around. These will be your articles for your new blog. (We will talk about this a bit later)
  5. Go open up a Free blogger account at blogger. I am telling you blogger because it is easy to use. Make sure when you pick the name for the blog that it includes the "keyword" that your ebook is about as the the URL and THE TITLE. IF the url is taken then try adding hyphens between the words. For instance www mywebsite blogspot would be www my-website. blogspot
  6. VERY IMPORTANT- Make sure in your settings that you configure it to show "ONLY 1 Post" per page. The reason for this is so that when you post your 10-15 articles each one will be a new post with its own .html page. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! (more on this in a bit)
  7. Set your blog settings appropriately (template, colors etc)

Now here is where we get into a couple of options....(For your optins)
  • You can set up an account at Feedburner. It will ask you to enter your blogger url address. Once you have completed that you can set up a "Subscription" service. Feedburner will give you an HTML code that you can use on your blog. People enter their email and Feedburner will keep track. The nice thing about this is that each time you make a new post to your blog Feedburner will send out your post to every one who subscribed. (Copy this Code and paste it in the doc where you have the 10-15 articles)

  • Once you have your feedburner account set up go to the "Edit Feed Detail" (Upper Left Corner) and copy the new "Feed URL" that feedburner gave you.

  • Go back to your blogger account. Click on the "Settings" tab (top left). Go to "Site Feeds" and enter the Site Feed that you just copied from your feedburner account.

  • Now...go to "Posting" and "Create New". Next Click on the "Edit HTML" tab at the top of the post. Open up the doc file with your articles that you pasted earlier and copy and paste one into this post. Title the post what ever the keyword is. Now copy the html that you pasted from your Feedburner account and paste it below the article you just pasted. Are you still with me?

  • Next click on the "Compose" tab at the top of the post window. Now you can adjust fonts, bold, etc. and if you have done everything right you should see your FEEDBURNER Subscription box. Now go down to that box and edit the text. Put something in there like
    Get your Free Digital Download for the 101 best Dog Grooming tips enter your email. Obvioulsly you will need to tailor this to what ever.

Ok that is it for your optins. This is one of the cheapest ways to capture names. You do have a lot of management with this method but when you do not have a lot of gotta start somewhere. Each time someone fills in their name it registers with feedburner. Check you feedburner account daily.

  • Click on the "Publicize tab at the top, after you log into Feedburner. Now go down to email subscriptions and click. There you will find who has signed up for your free ebook and their email address.

  • Now go email them and attach the ebook as a PDF. You are now building a list!. Go find as many free ebook directories as you can. Register for them and start submitting your "Rebranded" ebook to them all. Some of them will want you to upload the doc directly and some will ask you for the URL.
For the ones that ask for the url....bring up your blogger account (which should be minimized..right? I hope you did not exit out of it...if you did open it back up!)

  • Click on "Dashboard" Top Right Corner. Next Click on "Edit Posts". Ok find what should be your ONLY POST AT THIS POINT.

Copy that url and go back to the ebook directory and paste it as the url. Fill in whatever else the directory asks for ...thats it your done! You have now offered a eBook to the planet....that has your Affiliate links in it and included a BACKLINK to your blog.

Keep an eye on your feedburner account to watch for new subscribers who want a copy of the ebook.

Now Take the remaining 9-14 articles and POST EACH ONE SEPERATLY. Creating a .html page for each one. Make sure you also include the FEEDBURNER HTML on each post as well. When you are finished you will have 10-15 INDIVIDUAL pages on your site with 10-15 optin boxes.

Now go and DIGG Each Individual Page using the steps mentioned earlier. (Go into Blogger, Go to Dashboard, View Post, Copy URL and Submit that URL to DIGG. Write a good description. Make Sure that Your Keyword phrase is in the TITLE, and mentioned two more times within the first 2 sentences of your DIG SUBSCRIPTION.

Now take those same 10-15 articles and tweak them and submit them to 10 different Article Directories. Make sure that you use your Blog Address in the resource box of each article and put in there
Now they see your opt in sign up and you email them the book.

At the end of the day using this technique you will have a 15 page blog with several backlinks, an Ebook filled with affiliate links being given out to hundreds of people and most importantly building a list


Once you get the ball rolling you will have the money to sign up for autoresponders and all the other stuff. My problem when I started was I had the determination but not enough money. And the only way to get this kind of information cost money. So here it is!

Oviously this needs tweaked a bit to tailor it to your needs but it should help get the juices flowing.

Also, by all means don't stop with DIGG. Use all the sites like stumble, reddit etc. Do this each time you make a post on your blog. MAKE SURE YOU MAKE YOUR POST SEPARATELY AND MAKE SURE YOU SET YOUR BLOG SETTINGS TO ONLY SHOW ONE PAGE AT A TIME> If you do not have a separate .html for each of your articles you will not be able to DIGG them separately.

You will start to see your list grow and hopefully begin to see some cash over the next few months. Even if you do not see the cash right of way you will have a list that you can email in the future. And don;t forget. Each time you update your blog your list will automatically get your post emailed to them. Sometimes it takes a day. I recommend you subscribe to your self so that you can see what your list is getting so that you can adjust as you need to.

Once you get this down...go do it again with a different niche

Wishing your Success

[edit] WARRIORS please feel free to add other tips and tricks for cost effective or zero cost methods that you use
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