My PayPal Account Has Been Frozen

by Toby.T
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In march i received warning my account could be frozen if i did not produce certain forms of ID and i knew i could not produce them.

Its for the Aussie Anti Money Laundering check or similar. When i received a transaction the other day i must have hit the limit and it happened at the worse time. I have about 1600 dollars in my account mostly from freelancing or ebay entreprenurial buying and selling. The id they want is a drivers license(i have) or passport(out of date so have to use drivers).

The second piece of information is a document from the australian tax office or water/electricity bill with my name and home address on it. The problem lies in the fact i live slightly out of the suburbs so i am forced to have a PO Box and all mail must go to that. So my options are just about nothing. And its not my house so the bills go to someone else.

Has anyone dealt with paypal over the phone? i highly doubt any flexibility on the rule as it is to help them abide by the law.
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