For new people - what is IM to you?

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A quick note for new people.

So often on the WF you see threads like:

- Can I succeed in IM?
- Why do newbies fail in IM?
- How can I make it in IM?
- I hate IM - I quit!
- I love IM more than life itself!

You get my drift, and I find myself wondering what these people mean by IM because they never really say.

Do they mean "marketing on the Internet" - selling real products and services that have real value to real people - fishing rods to fishermen, baby toys to new parents, wine to wine lovers, dog products/info to dog owners etc, etc, etc - the list literally is endless.

Or do they mean "marketing to the rest of the selling community" - the so-called IMers, "how to make money" ebooks etc, etc.

IM has come to mean a couple of different things and step number 1 on your Internet journey should be to decide what kind of IM you actually want to be in.

Make the wrong decision at this point and you'll end up failing for the same reason that so many other have failed - that you end up trying to sell "how to make money" products and services when you've never done it yourself.

Hope it helps.


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    Hi Neil

    I believe you can have success in both. BUT, I think that newbies must try and have some success in the "products and services" arena, as you called it, Marketing on the Internet, before they start trying to selling e-books or courses about IM.

    At least, I believe you must have results before you try to teach. If you teach others how they can get results similar to yours, things will be much more easier.



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