Make More Money Offline or Online?

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Just curious if other members have had an easier time making money online or offline from their efforts?

We netted well into the six figures offline for a number of years and then left that to go online for various reasons. We started off with an online retail store we bought, built up over a year or so and then sold at a good profit.

We then made the circuit through various other IM business models with varying degrees of success and have gone back to a variation of the retail model that has worked well for us.

The challenge for us has been getting accurate information online. For us this was much easier to get for offline business models than it has been online.

We seem to have waded through a lot of mud online to where we have found a few of the honest people we can get quality info from.

It is finally getting easier for us, after three years online, to make money online than off and we love the online way of life much better, even with the difficulties getting good info.

Any other opinions or stories on this?
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    I was in a similar situation. Own a offline business (12 years) doing good brick and mortar (real estate and developing | integrated marketing). Very tough to get going a lot of office infrastructure to set up.

    A few years back started to move into more of a consulting role establishing.
    This was the best move I could of every made. Picked up clients nationwide via mostly online networking.

    My business now is comprised mostly online although I still have some off line real estate ventures and projects going.

    So I would have to say that it has been easier for me to make money online for several reasons.
    1. Lower overhead | infrastructure expense
    2. Less risk
    3. Exponential growth via limitless geographic boundaries.

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      I've got about 30 years of experience with offline. Since moving my ventures to online, I have no desire to go back into the brick-n-mortar world. I make more money online and definitely more profit margin than offline. Also less hassles. No employees. No commute. No stock. No shipping. No receiving. No customers phoning at any hour.
      Kevin Riley, Kevin Riley Publishing, Osaka, Japan

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    I make money online foroffline businesses. so mine is a real mix. I think I get the best ofboth worlds-I have alot of people interaction during the day, but don't get tied down to a nine to five. I'mallowed to work where and when I want as I'm my own boss. And my clients (most of them) respect that

    I'm lucky

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  • Profile picture of the author Hamish Jones
    I do a bit of both online work and offline work across a variety of areas that interest me.

    What I like about working online is the ability to leverage to an international customer base. I have customers all throughout the world that I can interact with in ways that can be cheaper than interacting with customers offline who may only be down the street.
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