Survey - What have you done that actually made MONEY in the first week.

by Jeena
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Hey guys...

I thought it would be FUN to do a survey to see what YOU have actually done on-line that made MONEY in your first week of doing it. I need money NOW if you know what I mean and lots of it.

Hope you will be willing to share your successes.


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    Sure -- promote surveys for $$$ leads via PPC on Google. At $1.50 per lead with 30 percent conversion, it's all about pushing volumes. Or you could always try SEO'd it but I never done it.
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    Freelance writing, affiliate marketing with SEO, and affiliate marketing with PPC.

    Writing was something I made money with the first time I tried, without prior experience as a web content writer (I did have a lot of experience throughout my schooling).

    I tried different methods of affiliate marketing that weren't quite successful right away. However, once I started using the IPK (Info Product Killer) method for SEO and the Campaign Blasts method for PPC, those were successful nearly right away.

    It's all about finding a great method/system and sticking with it. There are many, many different methods out there that will work very quickly if you dedicate yourself to to them and work very hard.

    Getting PAID within a week is a different story. Services are the best way to do that (writing, graphics, site building, SEO services, etc.).
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    I made my first big cut by Freelance DoFollow Blog Commenting ......
    And that was really amazing
    Contact: nazbir[@]
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    I would also say that services are your best bet if you need to get paid this week. There are many services you can offer, and you could promote your services here through the services forum and also make sure you put a link in your signature on the forum.

    I don't know what you have experience in, so here are a few different ideas of what you could offer:

    - Graphic design
    - Blog Setup (installing Wordpress blogs, setting up themes, basic customization)
    - Blog Commenting
    - Social Bookmarking
    - RSS Feed Submission
    - Article Writing
    - Article Submission/Marketing
    - Ghostwriting/Product Creation
    - Video Tutorial Creation
    - Virtual Assistance (this covers many areas like market research, article writing etc)
    - Copywriting

    You might also consider offering your services to offline businesses in a consulting capacity. This is very hot right now, so if you have any experience of SEO or things like setting up blogs and getting ranked for keywords, you could sell these services to local businesses in your area and generate a healthy income from each client.

    I think the most important thing you can do is pick a method and get started, and focus your attention on that method - this will give you the best chance at getting results.

    ~James Dyson
    OptimizePress - Create Landing Pages, Sales Pages & Membership Sites in WordPress
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      Not my first week , more like 21st week lol but I just received my first 1000+ check from Clickbank. Did a little dance with a spin when I had it in hand. That was strictly list building using Matt Bacaks method. My recurring is now over 1200.00 a month. This is a passive stream.
      Might not be the first week but if a techie from the south with 0 marketing skills to start can cobble it together you can too.
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    Thanks everybody for the ideas... I will check them out.

    Jeena White - Hey I'm new here but this is the first thing that has actually WORKED for me. lol... Please use Activation Code = Jeena;
    Local Websites For only $97.00
    Thanks.... Hope we all make alot of money.

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