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Due to a mixture of distraction (I'm currently traveling) and a couple of possibly over zealous product pushes, my list has grown increasingly unresponsive.

I am now setting about regenerating their interest, trust and attention by creating and giving away some great value freebies, but so far this has not been as successful as I hoped.

It's really important for me that I get my subscribers back onside, so any advice, tips or suggestions you can give will be hugely appreciated.

Thanks a lot for helping out!
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    one reason might be that titles you used for emails didnt build up enough curiosity...

    I also recommend you give them often free quality content...many marketers only contact their subscribers to send them to an optin page or salespage...that's a mistake in my opinion...
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    Create an event around yourself on your blog writing and ebook, product etc... and send them to it offer the paid product free to the best 10 comments
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    Thanks for the tips!

    More suggestions and ideas greatly appreciated.
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    Am going to go with subject lines. You might have to get a big cocky ... a bit controversial and do whatever it takes to get the subscribers to open them up.

    If people don't like it and they unsubscribe ...well they weren't opening them anyway .. nothing ventured - nothing gained.

    Might be worth emailing daily to see if that gets you noticed too.

    Otherwise all the content your write counts for jack.
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      I would say you have to give them some good free content. Also try and give them that content outside of the email eg give part of the info on in the email and then add a link to read the rest of it. This way you get the list "re-trained" to clicking the links in your email and at the same time redeveloping that trust that they initially had by giving them something without expecting anything in return
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    Excellent suggestions - thanks!
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    I always either delete without read or unsubscribe right away, if the emails from the list are :
    - always having links to autoresponder address (aweber, getresponse)
    - always use a controversial words but when I click the link it brought me to the opt in box to get that controversial thing.

    I love emails from the list which explain to me what they really want to say only by reading it. No need to click, and clean from any links. So I'd suggest you start this kind of email in the next 10 - 20 emails
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    Send good, valuable content in the body of the email - not as a downloadable freebie. I'm always skeptical of links that take me to download link for free products - I usually figure there's going to be some other hoop to jump through, whether it's an opt-in, upsell or whatever.
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    One of the easiest ways I have found to build my subscribers attention is through using my blog to post articles and then notifying my list with a short but sweet email linking back to my blog with the quality article. This has more than doubled my click rates and open rates since I have implemented this concept. If you want to learn a little more I have a free video you can watch that will explain where I learned this feature from and how to use it. It's in my sig file.

    Your Marketing Comrade,

    Johnathan Hayes
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    Give away quality free stuff and have killer email subject lines that provide value..do you know if they are even opening them? Best of luck!!
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    You know, sometimes honesty works as well as bribes (freebies). You might start an email with this subject line: I'm sorry, I know I've let you down...

    If the recipient recognizes your name, they'll wonder what you've done and probably open your email.

    Then go on to tell them you've ignored them because you were traveling...tell them how you intend to make it up to them and get back in their good graces. Give them a nice gift as a downpayment on your promise, and paint an exciting picture of what sticking around and reading your emails will mean to them in the coming weeks.

    Honesty, freebies, anticipation.

    If that don't get you back in their good graces, I don't know what will.

    Good luck.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    You know, it's not that hard to share. You probably come across at least one good bit of info you can pass along every single day, right? Don't be shy! Start plying your "dead" list with good free info and links. Show them you want to help them. Do that for about 2-3 weeks, and you'll clear out all the unsubscribers who were never going to do you any good anyway. The remaining members will be your core to build on.

    The ultimate key to success with a list (and in business in general) is to get your contacts to equate your name with their betterment. You can write your own ticket once people open your emails simply because your name is in the From field. But that takes work. Don't overthink it. Just pass on to your list any good tidbits you pick up daily or every other day.

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    Thanks a lot for the great answers! I spent a lot of today shooting some educational videos which I'll give away for free, and also work on the subject lines and, of course, good old honesty.

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