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i thought its nice to go another level in my IM stuff, so i need to join a resale right membership club. any good idea from fellow warriors?

i mean if you are into one, how good is it

you can pm me to give details

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    Mrs. Spencer
    You can take a look at my Membership site. It is FREE to join. The link is in my sig.

    Take Care,

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    thanks but i was kind of looking for exclusive resale right clubs not plr
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    Mrs. Spencer and filiks, I actually run an mrr site ( you can see a special link for Warriors only in my signature below ) that might fit your needs.

    My members enjoy the content and the simplicity of everything within the members only area and have thanked me over and over again. They've also requested that I never stop running the site, so I had better listen

    If either of you want to chat more about my mrr site, then drop me a PM. I'm always happy to provide all the information I can to fellow Warriors.

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    I personally have used various sites for this purpose. Some good some not so good. I have also been a member of Resell Rights Fortune by Socrates and PLR monthly by Dave Nicholson to name a few. At the moment I have cancelled all my subscriptions but one.

    More Monthly - that is run by Randy Smith and comes with a forum too. Its a monthly membership site with content provided every month and because Randy is too lazy to delete previous months content you get several months worth.

    I love the More Monthly forum too, awesome people with a wicked sense of humor. So you might wanna check it out, another reason I love it is, cos its cheaper than Resell rights fortune and PLR monthly.

    I'll be looking at Marcel's and Tracey's site too.

    Hope it helps

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