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It seems as though it is key to generate traffic through massive content that is also quality content, targeting multiple keywords. The challenge I have is that I don't have a staff of people to write for me, and I have very limited time. How have the rest of you dealt with this challenge?
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    You don't need "massive" content -- you just need frequent content. Yes, search engines like unique content that is updated on a regular basis, and it's something that can take alot of time - depending on how much unique content you want to churn out. If it's something that you cannot fit into your schedule, you can always outsource your content. See my signature for more info
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    Why not write say 2 articles on two different keywords each day, post them to your site or blog, then re-write them slightly to post to Ezine and other article directories for backlinks? In total, this may take an hour or slightly more. In a week, you have ten new articles on your site/blog, and fresh articles on countless directories, depending on how many you submit to - plus the backlinks from those articles.

    Just a thought

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    Nicole and Tess, thank you both for your input. At this time, I need to be somewhat more time heavy than outsource heavy, due to a real estate investment that is taking all my cashflow right now Tess, I will most likely use a variation of your suggestion. Thank you very much! One thing I am also doing is cross linking my blogs to the newsletter for each of those blogs: this way each blog gets exposure to the readers from the other blog.
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    While I write most of my own articles, I have used PLR articles and re-written them. It can be a lot faster and, if you're used to writing your own articles, even the worst, free PLR articles can be turned into something good.

    Just a thought...
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