How to manage 100's of passwords/sign ins etc?

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Hi Everyone,

I'd love to hear how you all manage your undoubtedly massive lists (as I have) of passwords and sign-in info for all the various accounts etc that we have in the IM world.

Excel spreadsheets? Some bespoke program? I'm currently overwhelmed, and that's before I take on clients' accounts!

What do you all do?

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    some guys here i think use roboform. with me i just have two passwords - one is for all the membership, social bookmarking etc sites that I join and the other one is more secure and harder to guess.

    When I sign up for stuff for clients I usually just use a spreadsheet to record everything. You can use Google Docs so that you can easily share it with clients.

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    One word: ROBOFORM!

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    Try Roboform or Lastpass or Firefox

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    Thanks for responses far guys. I had a look at Roboform quickly, but can't see how it does what it says.

    I use Firefox, which is great at remembering tons of passwords, but yeah - just looking for best system.

    How does Roboform do it's thing - do I need free or paid, and how does it go on mac?


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    I just use three passwords for everything. One is a throwaway password, and I could care less if anyone gets their hands on it. What are they going to do? Change my e-mail subscription on me?

    Another is one I use for semi-important reasons. Then the last is the most secure one I only use with financial institutions, etc. Works just fine. :-)
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      roboform or bizform bar...
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    And then there's Clickbank with password rules so obtuse that none of my password would pass.

    Oh, and then there's the sites that assign a password and you can't change it.


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      I tried to download Roboform but they said the files were corrupt - I would suggest like above like I've done - Have one password for minor stuff and a more complicated one for paypal, domains, hosting etc and record it in a spreadsheet!
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    The problem with roboform, and firefox, is that when your computer goes "unexpectedly bye bye" you are 100% eft.

    One man's terrorist is another man's patriot

    Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground - Frederick Douglas

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    I keep my passwords the same for all of the same type of service, and I keep an excel spreadsheet as a back up.
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    I use lastpass and really enjoy it. It has a lot of functionality and in my opinion is just as good or better than Roboform... plus it's free

    Talk soon,

    Shannon Herod
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    Yeah, roboform is good to back that info electronically, but I usually always list the sites URLs, usernames, and passwords in a copybook. Yup, some people think it's a waste of time and effort, but if your system crashes and you don't have a backup, it comes in pretty handy. It also comes in handy if/when you get a snoop virus on your PC. I don't store this type of info on my PC anymore at all.

    Keeping the same passwords is just inviting someone in. You leave a trail everywhere you go on the Internet thanks to Google, and hackers simply follow that trail to every place you log into once they crack that password.
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    Ok I was actually going to start a new thread about my new FIND to help other fellow warriors but I think it will suit perfect in here.

    I have been using roboform for a few months and it works magic.
    Love the simplicity. You set a master password that use to login ONCe and then all of you seperate passwords are already saved in there so whenever you want to login to a certain site, it automatically detects what site you are on and by using the toolbar at the top of the browser, you can simply login by click a button without having to put or remember your username or password.

    However, ROBOFORM doesn't work on google chrome and after 10 passwords you have to purchase the pro version, which I think is great until recently I found a better alternative.

    Introducing.... *Drum Rolls* LAST PASS

    Why you should use it.

    Its Free [no upgrade and no cap on the passwords required]
    It works flawlessly on Google Chrome so you are not limited to firefox
    and most of all
    If you are a Roboform user, you can import all your passcards from Roboform to last pass.

    I know I sound like a sales man here but I get excited when I see a cool tool with more solutions then the previous ones.

    Hope it helps

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    I've used LastPass for 5 or 6 months ... works great.
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    Roboform but for the past 6 months I have deleted and narrow down my login requirements alot so I just put it on a txt file on a computer that never connects to the Internet. Most important question is, do you really need the service/website that warrants keeping it's password?
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    Yep everyone is suggesting Roboform, I think that software is a must, for IMer's, and I also heard about Last Pass, I don't know about this compare to Roboform, anyone can share some experience using this?
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      I just switched to Lastpass and it is working great for me.
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    lol, i used to write them down in a little black book too. My Windows pc used to crash all the time and constantly had to replace HD's.

    But I switched to Linux Mint and use GPass for Gnome. they all get stored in an encrypted file and when I need one I just click its link on the GUI.

    Go Linux!
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      I use a Mac and 1Password is the software I use to keep track of it all. It's much like Roboform on Windows.

      I do also keep track of all the important login info in an Excel spreadsheet. If something were ever to happen to me, it needs to be in a format that my wife or someone else could access without having to learn how to use 1Password.

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