Re: How do you know if you're being hacked into? someone please help or tell me I'm paranoid

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Wow, out of the the thousands of marketers out there on warrior forum I would have thought that at least one person could have helped me out maybe I should just google it huh? Well if anyone reads this and has knowledge of people hacking into your money makers please tell me what to do. thank you maybe i'm paranoid.
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    It's difficult to give you an answer based on this post as you've not given any detail whatsoever.

    If you're referring to your previous post I've replied, but it might have been more useful to tack this new post of yours onto your previous thread instead of starting another one as this post in isolation doesn't give any details about your issue.

    Sick of your products ending up on warez sites?
    Keep an eye out for StealthMarker...
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      Like Martin said, you're question is too vague for anybody to offer suggestions.

      For example, what exactly do you think is being hacked? Is it your home computer, a wordpress blog, an html site, etc?

      If it's a website, what host are you using an is it a Linux or Windows web server?


      Most importantly, WHY do you think it's being hacked?

      Internet marketing is not rocket science ... unsubscribe from every guru spam list you're currently on ... they just want to rape your wallet and make you co-dependent.

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    There are basically three ways to know if your site has been hacked. 1) Your front page has been replaced by something else such as an anti-semetic message in arabic. 2) Your browser gives a warning that your site is a reported attack site or 3) someone sends you a message that your site is hacked.

    There are WP Plugins to help identify certain exploits or changes that might indicate a site is vulnerable or that it may have been hacked.

    Check the site in my signature. I use ExpertWP, a Wordpress package that has a good selection of Internet marketing plugins and security plugins already installed. Additionally, it walks you through a secure installation that makes the site safer than just installing WP. You will see a banner ad at the top of the page where you can download a FREE copy of Expert WP.

    Just to feed your paranoia, nothing will make your site hacker proof except taking it down. If hacking your site creates a high enough financial advantage to hackers, then they will find a way in.

    However, the most likely source of attacks will come from script-kiddies. Script-kiddies are people who actually know little to nothing about hacking, but they have automated tools to find vulnerable sites. These hackers destroyed many of my sites and forced me to take them down. I have been replacing them using ExpertWP and have not had problems since.

    I know your question might seem vague, but I really do understand your position. It is hard to be specific when you don't know what questions to ask.

    If I can help you further, you can PM me, use any contact information here, or use the contact page on my website.

    I hope this is helpful to you.

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