How Can You Do This With Wordpress?

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I don't know if this is even possible or not but what I want to do is have a Wordpress website - not a blog, using Wordpress to build an actual website. This I know how to do.

Next though I want to add a blog to the website but not on the homepage. I know you can create a blog and then add extra pages, but I want one of the pages as my homepage and the blog on another page.

Does that make sense?

I know I can add another blog on a new directory, but I would like to keep the same header and navigation bar across the top so when visitors are in the blog they still have the website menu bar.

I don't know if I'm making sense. I know what I want but it's hard to explain.

WooThemes|Premium WordPress Themes this website here has it, if you click on the 'blog' tab in the header it takes you to the blog, but you are still in the website and still have the website menus
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    Looks like that may just be a heavily modified single WordPress installation with different themes for different pages. Or at least a simpler version could be done that way.


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    Do you mean that you just want a static front page, instead of a blog post page there?

    It is easy enough to create pages with top button navigation on a wordpress blog.

    I built something similar for a client here:

    Atlanta House Manager Home

    This is a static website, and not a blog, though still Wordpress.
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    Yes I want the static front page - I know how to do that.

    But I still want an actual blog but on a different page, not the front page - does that make sense?
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      Admin panel- settings/reading- "Front Page Displays"

      Choose your static page.

      You will still have a blog section.

      Only need 1 WP install for this.

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      I think I know what you mean - I have done something similar on one of my sites that I have a static first page and other pages - then I made one which I called "What's New". Then, when you go into the settings and set up which page you want as Static - you also choose the "What's New" (or whatever you names yours) for the posts page.

      You will see what I mean when you go into the settings>>Reading.

      You will have the drop down menu of page names to choose your Static page - and then there will also be one for your "posts page"

      Then when you make any posts as you normally would - they will show up by clicking on that page link. You could set the page up as "Blog" or whatever you want.

      Hope this helps! It might sound a bit confusing here - but when you go and see what I mean, it will make more sense. (Just make sure you create a page to pick from the drop down menu first - like "Blog" or "What's New" etc.)

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    Oh Eric, thank you so much and that was so easy - exactly what I wanted

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    Thanks Marie, yes that is what I did and exactly what I was looking for

    Thank you
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