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The night GOD called humans, He gave us four ingredients of success. And I want to share those with you.

1. A bit of logical Intelligence... To understand how to take the path to success and learn new things that work

2. A little Creativity and imaginative powers...

(He has given us the two elements already... But there are two other elements that are required)

3. SELF Confidence

You need to believe in everything you do. You need to have trust in your methods, your business, your marketing, your funnel, your outsourcing practices, and everything else you do. This is something we are all losing... especially in these times of recession. You need to remember that you are not alone in this... He is with you and wil help you in achieving whatever you want to achieve.

Yes, the challenges might be bigger than you. Yes the problems might be larger than life. And yes, a lone soul can't bear all the pressure. But when you campare the size of any of these problems with His might, you might regain the lost confidence as easily as you lost it.

So BELIEVE in what you do. And believe that he believes in what you do when you do it with pure intentions.

Do not care about what others will think of you. Do not be embarrassed by the remarks that others might make... As they wiull never have the guts to come up and say anything to you if you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and your work.

But there's another element, and that is the one you really need to work upon...

4. Ability to Mistake

This is why most newbie IM ers fail.

Fear of the unknown leads to paralysis by analysis. You start analyzing why you can fail; you start counting the factors that can lead to your doom... you focus on why you can go a step closer to your doom...

And you Do not even TRY to do it.

You keep analyzing, looking for the ultimate super tip, the magical bullet, the mystical element that is PERFECT... Has no flaw in it.

You go through countless reports and start getting the feeling of information overload.

You go through tens of home studies and DVD courses and feel over priced because you already knew half of it.

You do everything except what you are being told to do.

Buying is what you have been doing for a long time.... That's your comfort zone.

But selling is not what you have done... EVER. And all the methods related to IM talk about one thing... SELLING. That is something that needs you to get out of your comfort zone and maybe make a mistake or two.

And since you want to make it happen overnight... You want to strike the prefect chord the very first time... You do not want to make a mistake.... You never get the nerve to try anything at all.

Come to think of it. That's all there is to it.

Styepo 1. LEARN (Use Intelligence)
Styepo 2. DESIGN AND PLAN (Use creativity and imagination)
Styepo 3. JUST DO IT (have sufficient amount of confidence in yourself and HIM)
Styepo 4. RINSE AND REPEAT (Learn from your mistakes)

That is all it takes to succeed in IM.... Or anywhere in life.

I hope this pushes you to work... Stop wandering... Stop wading through info... just go and implement what you know...

I guarantee you will be happy you did.

All the best
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