How To Build An Authority Site?

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I believe I have a very good (marketable) idea for building an authority site...I own a domain name, but need a basic guideline or a "how to"

Anybody had the same challenge and found some helpful advice in the form of websites/ebooks, etc in helping them achieve their goal?

As always, any and all enlightenment would be greatly appreciated!
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    Not sure I fully understand what information you are looking for but here is something that I posted to someone else about "Authority Sites".

    One of the things that separates "authority" sites from others is the high quality content AND the "Law of Reciprocation".

    Unlike other blogs and sites that rely on one way backlinks and very little outbound links, the true authority site has a very good working relationship with other authority sites within your niche.

    To give your visitors the best information you must not be afraid to link out to other sites that will either support your information by adding to it or give related information that you are not fully covering.

    This is adding value to your visitors overall experience (which is what Google is ultimately trying to achieve in their search results).

    Now to get those other sites to give links back to you means that you need to add value to their site in some way.

    The best way to add value to their site is to find an area in your niche that is not being given as much depth in content and fill that area.

    As a result, the others will start to send their links to you too.

    Hope that gave you enough information to answer your question. If not, then ask a more specific question so that we can get to the answer.

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      Excellent info Matt...thanks for your input and advice gets me headed in the right direction...
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    How To Build An Authority Site?
    Lots of good content, with articles, pictures and videos.

    Lots of backlinks and deep links.

    Its all about the quality of the content - take a look at major geeks, toms hardware,,,, - they offer top notch content, and that is what people want.
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    I am looking for something similar. I really like the concept behind Ken Evoy's Sitesell/SBI and I'm looking for something like the SBI Action Guide.

    I've got a lot of the tools, resources and knowledge to build the site myself without SBI, but a step by step blueprint would be really cool.
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    To create an authority site, you have to generate lots of
    unique, high quality content because that what is most common
    among all those sites.

    Next, to help you spread the word and get even more
    authority, you have to be featured on others authority
    sites/blogs in your niche.

    It's a concept that goes something like this:

    If I say I have authority-it might not be true
    If someone else says I have authority-this may be true
    If lots of people say I have authority-this is probably true
    If lots of people say I have authority and it's in print-it has to be true.

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