Can someone confirm this?

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Yesterday, I got an email from another marketer about some shiny new thing called Profit Instruments. I opted-in cos' I was pretty interested in what was going on.

The thank-you and freebie delivery page was at Profit Instruments Training Introducing Profit Instruments.

Now, would someone here be kind enough to tell me whether or not, the above page, or the pre-launch for that matter, is done using a Wordpress blog?

If so, what are the techie/software/script requirements needed to use Wordpress for a pre-launch and even a launch? Where do find a theme like that?

I've noticed that many GUrus are doing their pre-launches and launches in this manner. Some use Kajabi which is not publicly available yet, but what about the others? I suspect it's good ol' Wordpress.

Suspicion awaiting confirmation...over and out.

Many Thanks,
Lazy Bryan
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    It is wordpress
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    If you go into the "View Source" you can see it's made in Wordpress.
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    Wordpres 2.9.2, according to the source code.

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      what about all the scripts/software or any other techie stuff required to put together a pre-launch/launch site using Wordpress? Anyone know what theme this is using? Any good themes to suggest? If you've ever done this before, do you have a good designer/tech guy to recommend?

      Lazy Bryan
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        As stated above, look in the "view source" and the code will tell you a lot. like
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          Glad you asked this question and brought it to light. Personally site looks very well done and as you said LOOKS very technical and 'jazzed' up. But as stated previously the scripts and plugins used will not be overly hard to come across and implement into a pre-launch / launch site as the profit instruments one we are looking at.
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    <meta name="generator" content="WordPress 2.9.2" /> <!-- leave this for stats please -->
    confirmed... wordpress

    If so, what are the techie/software/script requirements needed to use Wordpress for a pre-launch and even a launch? Where do find a theme like that?
    It's a very nice looking site/page, great design and spiffy grapchis, but in all honesty, it's not anything technically special. It really a very basic site. The only techie addition you'd need would be a video player, proplayer plugin is free and covers that.

    If provided with the primary graphics: 1 hour to build a mock-up, 1 hour to fine-tune and polish. In three hours (gotta take a lunch break, surf WF, watch youtube and milk the customer for all I can) you too can have a very pretty webiste

    BTW.. I'm just sayin', not offering services.

    I'm all about that bass.

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