Before you do anything today...

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- before you read or write any more WF posts (you can reply to this one!)
- before you check your email
- before you start browsing your favourite sites
- before you check the WF WSO section
- before you buy any more "research" material
- before you open your latest info product
- before you look at your site stats (yet again)
- before you do any reading on "secret" IM techniques
- before you work on your latest and greatest product
- before you <insert whatever else you like here> SOMETHING that will put money in your account.

Only when you've done that have you made good "business" use of your time today.

And tomorrow, do the same.


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    Darn it Neil, too late, I've been doing at least several of the things on your list for the past hour! Post earlier next time! (Of course, if I hadn't been reading WF posts I wouldn't have seen your message in the first place. LOL )

    Good post!

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    Caught me a bit off-guard here.

    But you're right. Sigh. I'd better get to work.

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    Well, I've already finished my FB activites for today. However, I could also get the article marketing portion of the business done, but it's always easier to trick your mind how you have to "stay in touch with the latest news..." and then visit these money making and IM forums .
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    Hey Neil,

    Sounds good to me! Straight Forward is the only way to go and that was very straight forward.

    In my signature.. It's not a secret method.. It's a lifestyle.. It's Day 1, Follow Me From The Bottom UP!

    I Write Articles Too! PM ME!

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    I agree with it all except email and working on your product. Both of those things are money makers for me. I have to take care of existing customers and potential customer's via email and the products ... well, that's what makes me money.
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    That's absolutely cool of course.

    I think everyone knows what I mean though.

    Earn some money first - whatever that means for you.
    Everything else should come later.



    Easy email marketing automation without moving your lists.

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      Agreed. I'm off to do just that. You're totally right Neil (says I, writing a reply on the WF instead of making money...).

      One should be shaking one's moneymaker first and foremost.
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    I have a note on my desk.

    "Don't check stats make stats"
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      "Don't check stats make stats"
      Best quote of the week.


      Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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      Neil: Not fair. How can make the best use of the infinite number of hours I get each day and how do I tell myself I'm busy not forgetting I'm WORKING HARD if I let go of these activities. :-(

      Not good.

      On a serious note. I know what you mean, spot on.

      Originally Posted by Brad Gosse View Post

      I have a note on my desk.

      "Don't check stats make stats"
      Awesome quote Brad. You are cool
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        Oops! Caught out!

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    One smart warrior wrote "First thing everyday is to delete all your emails... then start working on your own business". I applaud this suggestion and you are right. Do something for your business. When you read all those emails sent by "who knows" you are adding to their business... not yours. Thanks for the info
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    Actually, I check a lot statistics at the beginning of each day. But not just the website traffic numbers.

    The information I get from those numbers tell me what worked, what needs improvement and what doesn't work. Upon that information, I take massive action.
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    Great thought to start your hectic day!
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    Is it okay if I brew some coffee first?

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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    Point taken.. I gotta get back to work. I'll catch up with you all tomorrow :p
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    Opened this like 3 hours ago and just came back to update you.

    job done!!!!!

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    Mr Morgan, I don't know what made you post this thread today, but I actually listened and did something extra (made a little long tail affiliate hook rather than just writing).

    A few hours later and now I have a sale

    Thank you so much.

    Best regards,
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  • That is smart Neil I'd better be going......
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  • Profile picture of the author Neil Morgan
    Just popped back in and I'm thrilled it's having the desired effect.

    And yes, I did do it myself!

    Oh and it's perfectly OK to have a coffee first. But only one



    Easy email marketing automation without moving your lists.

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    This is such good advice and is the one thing I am focusing on during June - do an activity that will generate income before an activity which is just for fun
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      So true. Take profitable actions before all other tasks swamp your day is the key here. Thanks for the heads up Neil!
      The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is that one often comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won't.
      Henry Ward Beecher
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    Great post Neil get back on track is whats going to lead to success.
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