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by Maddi
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Hey Guys,

I've been messing around trying to find a solution to my problem. My business is divided between my laptop and iphone but thats easy to keep track off until recently I experienced internet connectivity problems meaning I had to use another computer outside of my house. I do have an external hard drive with pretty much everything backup plus most of current projects can be accessed with google docs and other project management softwares, BUT it got me thinking.

I wanted a full time solution to this that could give me full time piece of mind and I was introduced to this solution by a friend of mine. I have started using it, and it is super awesome. You can use it among your staff, outsourcers, joint venture partners or however you wish to. And it is not one of those expensive monthly payment remote access solutions.

Introducing.... *Drum Rolls* Drop Box

The awesome thing is although it is absolutely free upto 2GB, you get 250mb free for anyone you refer to it. However I aint using my referral link here so I don't get nothing if anyone joins but just spreading a little Warrior Love :-)

Mainly cos i'm cool


Maddi M
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