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by m00d
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I've spent some time reading various post learning how to make a auto blog or splog. I've bought a couple of plugins (WP Unique and WP Robot) and have been successful in setting up my auto blogs. However I haven't had one single search engine hit. I used all in one seo, I have submitted my site along with sitemaps to Google and Bing, verified my site with both, and used RSSbot, And still not one single hit? I'm not expecting much, from my reading I expected 10 hits a day to a splog from long tail keywords. I'm just not sure what I've done wrong.
When I check my first autoblog in google (site:mysite) I see 11 of my blog post have been indexed yet zero hits so far. The first blog has only been live for about a week, is this not long enough to get any traffic at all?

I'm using WPMU and have created a total of 4 autoblogs so far, none of them have gotten a single hit from any search engine yet they all have post/pages indexed in google. I'm confused....

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    Well, besides the facts of how you built them, how are you promoting them? (off-site)
    There are only 10 bazillion blogs in Google, what makes yours stand out and how will people find it? Have you built any backlinks to them?

    If you are creating splogs (SPAM Blogs), I wouldn't expect much love from Google or any other search engine as the HATE spammy sites.

    What material/content are you adding to the site via the auto updating plugins? Is it relevant and useful material or is it scraped one liners chock full of ads and banners?

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      The only promotion I have done so far is using RSSbot and verifying my sites with Google and Bing. I have done no link building at all. I don't have any advertisements on the blogs at all. All the content is from WP Robot and Caffeinated Content pulling articles,you tube, and yahoo answers. I'm not using Amazon or Ebay. All the content is relevant to the niche I'm in. The blogs use simple themes and are actually nice to read, even though all the content is pulled from somewhere else. I'd just like to see each splog I make get a few search engine hits per day. Thanks for the reply!
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        First off you need to realise that just because it's an autoblog it does not mean that all the normal SEO rules don't apply.

        If you built a stunningly themed blog, posted 1 article a day of hugely significant interest, written with the skills of Shakespear himself and looked at the search stats after 7 days, how much traffic would you expect to get?

        NONE. So what chance has a duplicate content autoblog got?

        A week is only just enough time to start indexing the pages and giving them some initial rankings. If your keywords are not very low competition and not supported by an exact match domain name they certainly won't be raking on page 1 even for long tailed keywords. That's just unrealistic.

        Now consider you have zero off page SEO (no backlinks) and your chances are fading fast.

        If you now consider that the content has probably come from websites that do have the aforementioned things, and age, and possibly page rank you should start to see how things aren't going to work for you.

        Just one other thing, sometimes even the best thought out autoblog just doesn't perform so you can't base your results on one blog.

        Sorry but your answer is more time & more work

        best of luck
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    sorry to ask a question here instead of an answer. does autoblog really work? also do they bring any value to the visitor??

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    The thing with autoblogging IMHO is that you also really need to mix it up with original and unique content. Add in some intro text to make yours not a total duplicate maybe.

    Autoblogging is attractive because there appears to be little work involved and indeed some do have success though I suspect that they are building good links in the background and making the content more unique.

    Google are more and more looking for quality unique content
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    most probably u need to change to not to use wp-unique....

    wp-unique makes search engine don't know how to categorize your websites....

    besides, autoblog doesn't means just make u dun need to write so much articles...

    they do work of course....but you still need to apply various traffic generating methods....such as seo, article marketing, facebook, twitter, web 2.0, forum, etc....

    You have only done onpage SEO...remember that onpage SEO only contribute about 5% while offpage is about 95%....

    without offpage SEO, you are very hard to get to 1st page of google search result even for a long tail keyword....

    besides, make sure ur autoblog setting is good so that ur content is of good quality to visitors provide what visitors looking for instead of make it a spammy site...
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    You need to promote your autoblogs in order to get your long tail pages to rank. I find that submitting articles is the best way, but others might have different preferred methods.

    sorry to ask a question here instead of an answer. does autoblog really work? also do they bring any value to the visitor??
    It does if you take the care to set it up to provide value. If you just slap in some keywords with no thought to the structure of the site then it probably does not. A lot of the autoblogging plugins (and especially WPRobot) allow you to setup the blogs so that they pull in informative articles, videos and products on the topic.

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    if you are pulling content from other sites they will already be indexed by google, so when google gets to your site it finds duplicate content, so it won't rank it very high. as a result you get no trafic. If you must autoblog i recomend you add a plug-in that spins your content, you may also like to look at the tips below. If you are using wp-robot dont use it 'out of the dox' read the supporting documentation and you will see that by using things like [random] and [select] and mixing the templates and mixing modules, you can make content that, while still autogenerated, it pulls relevant info together from a load of places at one time, and makes higher quality content that helps your user and keeps google happy
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      Originally Posted by Sleep View Post

      If you must autoblog i recomend you add a plug-in that spins your content,
      Be careful of plugins that do this. Spinning content that is pulled from other sources (such as article directories) is most likely going to be against the sources TOS and is most likely illegal. If you are spinning your own artricles or PLR that is different but many of these types of plugins are designed to spin any type of content and this can lead to trouble.

      Also, one bit of advice to the OP...

      This may sound funny but if your building "splogs" then you most likely wont succeed with autoblogging. The simple fact that you (the blog owner and builder) consider your blogs as spam blogs says a lot about the quality of them. If you feel that way about them what do you think the average reader will think of them?

      The moral of the story - build quality blogs, and yes you can do that with automation tools.
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