Do all Ezine articles get shown on their homepage?

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Pardon my article marketing ignorance. I've searched and searched warrior forum and could not find the answer I was looking for.

I just had my first article ever accepted by Ezine (i'm an expert.. LOL)

Anyways - my acceptance email said:Your article will appear on our high traffic home page within 48 hours.

I was just wondering whether I lucked out or whether every accepted article gets on there.

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    not every article that gets accepted gets on the front page. i think ezine favors certain authors over others. maybe the premium subscribers.
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      If it does it's only there for about 10-15 minutes at most, they refresh it with new articles all through the day. If you get a premium membership and time it just right you might get it to stick for a few hour overnight.
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    Well thats cool. That was my first article so likely more luck than anything. I just tweaked my homepage so hopefully when the article hits it will get some views. (and clicks, and conversions..)

    Needs Updating...

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    Majority of mine get frontpage. I think it just depends if the article obviously bad. If it is an ok article, or slips past their radar (rare) even thought it sucks, it will make the front page.
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    eza is a busy site and approves lots of articles per minute. while all recently approved articles show on front page, how long it stays there is the question. as far as i can see, its not for more than few minutes which is good enough for your article to get indexed. besides, your article will also show under the category page where googlebot visits as well
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