Number One Offline Tool for IM?

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I've got some "fun money" set aside to invest in tools to grow and manage
my business. I've got a great office with all my computer equipment already.
I've got an iPhone and I love it. I've got some other goodies too, like a TV,
DVD player, iPod, and so on.

Now, I don't just buy stuff to buy stuff. I mostly invest in what helps me
grow and manage my business. I'm not looking for suggestions about digital
entertainment products, e.g., game systems. And, I'm not talking about
software and online services.

So, that's the background. What is your number one recommendation? What
gadget or tool do I need to have? What's going to help me make money?

I'm ready to invest...

~ John

p.s. I have one answer already. "Outsourcing!" I totatlly agree. Finding good
people at a fair price is insanely hard. Ask around and you'll get the truth.
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