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Years and years ago I was taught how to close a sale offline by someone who was very, very good at it. Basically, in a nutshell, the formula was completely straightforward:

1. Make sure you're talking to the decision maker.
2. Make sure they're ready to buy.
3. Determine their their needs.
4. Provide the solution.
5. Ask for the money (Close).
6. Handle objections, then return to step 5.

He called it "controlling the retail sale" and he taught me that I should be in control of the sales process, not the buyer.

To be frank, if applied consistently, this formula worked so incredibly well that at times I felt like I was painting buyers into a corner and forcing them to part with their money. Of course this was a retail sales environment, so they were coming to me, not vice-versa, so they chose to initiate the sales process themselves.

I'm wondering if anyone applies this sales formula online. I don't mean elements of it, but basically a sales flowchart that mimics all of the aspects of controlling the retail sale, but in online form.

I'm considering putting together an inexpensive one-off info product that I will market using the formula above, just to see what kind of conversion rates I can get.

By the way, if anyone wants me to elaborate on the steps above as applied to the retail sale, I'll be happy to in this thread.
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