How Sites Can Surprise YOU

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Hi Warriors

I wanted to share my cool story and I never thought that it can bring me to this point but I have to tell this. This story is not about making money online but rather real life story.

I found one time in internet here in Finland internet marketing trainee job, so I thought that I could apply for it because I also have experience in it and it is close to my heart . So I applied for that job and for the long time I had not got a call from any company but this time I got that sweet call for interview. So I went there and made it, then there was second interview that I had to do and only those who are enough qualified in first interview.

So I got to this second interview and we spoke about my skills and also I showed my blog. Interviewer was so happy to see my site because it showed the mine skills so they decided to give the job for me and I'm so happy that I made my blog and kept it running and I will definitely keep it more, so this was my story on how my blog helped me to get real job . Never know what our sites can do for us or surprise us

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    That's great! Thanks for sharing - you really make a good point - especially for those who work on producing quality websites. You just never know when someone might stumble upon your work and respond in a very beneficial way!
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    Congrats .... glad it worked out for you.
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    That's great to hear. Blogs are really easy to keep up to date but sometimes not all of us post as much as we should. Thanks - I might go and add to mine today.
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    Well done! Way to leverage your achievements! Good luck for future.
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    Available for Fixed Fee Projects and Hourly ($40/hr)
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    Thank you all for your kind comments and congrats and I really hope that this story inspired someone to drive more quality work and I will definitely do it with my blog in future
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    That is one reason I put at the bottom of my html websites developed and maintained by David Monk.
    If someone likes what they see and wants me to build a similar website for them it will be a little extra income without really going out of my way to promote the service.


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    That's awesome !!! Thanks for sharing . . . It will really help me a lot. . . Have a nice day. . .

    Jeena White - Hey I'm new here but this is the first thing that has actually WORKED for me. lol... Please use Activation Code = Jeena;
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    Thanks.... Hope we all make alot of money.

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    Thats just the kind of story I wanted to hear this weekend. Love to see others having some success. A different angle as well.

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    Great success story! Congrats! Some people have posted foolish, racy, controversial things on their blog and employers find it and the opposite happens. Some employers do Internet searches now and if they find red flags about a prospective employee they do NOT hire them.
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