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I have found my computer has really slowed down and it's driving me a bit nuts. I'm wondering if anyone has used and if so what you think of it. If you haven't used it is there a reason? Is it worth it?

Are there other similar programs that are good? If so what are they?

Can I do the cleanup without some program to do it for me?

I realize this is a bunch of questions so I do apologize for that.

Thanks for any input as I really need to get this problem dealt with.
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    I would highly encourage you to store your data on either another hard drive, or in the cloud (ex. google docs). Computers are going to crash or get slow over time no matter what you do. If you aren't dependent on one computer it makes it easy to just reinstall the operating system or buy a new computer.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    Maybe just do a fresh install of the operating system if its that bad, and back up your important files.
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    Using Linux Distro Ubuntu quite happily on my laptop. When I need speed, its there. If I need to sit and work at certain programs, I'm frustrated by my bloated winxp desktop still. Only real way to speed it up is to do fresh install and not bloat it with junk.
    I have no agenda but to help those in the same situation. This I feel will pay the bills.
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      To clean it up, go to the forums.

      It's the Warrior Forum for computer safety and maintenance.
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      Save money - make your eBook Cover yourself with free software (GIMP), and our detailed guide:
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        Originally Posted by Ghalt View Post

        To clean it up, go to the forums.

        It's the Warrior Forum for computer safety and maintenance.
        great! thank you!
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    It depends what is causing the slowness, but I can recommend Advanced System Care (google it).

    It optimises various settings and removes registry errors amongst other things. They have a free and a pro version, both of which are effective.
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    use CCleaner and do Guttman clean(35 passes) then clean your registry with it too.
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    Have you run your disk defragmenter lately? Also try disk clean up, which deletes unneeded files. Just those 2 can make a big difference if you don't normally use them.

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      .........and - scan your computer with Malwarebytes in case there is some malware lurking and slowing it down.

      Also check your hard drive - if it's more than about 2/3 full that will slow it down. Then check your RAM. Anti-virus programs use up increasing amounts just to keep working. If yours is an older computer and upgrade of the RAM might help speed things up.
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      I like CCleaner to clean my computer.
      However, your computer can run slow for many reasons.
      - Many programs running hidden.
      - A full hard drive.
      - A virus.
      - RAM problems.
      Run CCleaner, or whatever program you chose to use and desfragment your hard drive.
      If it doesn't work. Chenk the programs your computer launch automatically at the start up. If you are using windows, you can check it at MSConfig. Go to START -> Run, and enter msconfig. Go to Start Up.
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        Use these in the same order as mentioned.

        Malware Bytes Anti Malware
        Windows Disk Cleanup (right click C drive in my computer > tools > disk cleanup) Requires restart.
        Defragment - Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Defragment

        That should do the trick.

        Never fails in fact.

        Then other things to check.

        Amount of space left on hard drive try have this above 4GB
        Desktop cleanup - Right click desktop > Arrange Icons > Desktop cleanup.
        Uninstall any unused software.

        That's about it really.
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        I use the malware forum, I always read and run this first sticky here:

        READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide - MajorGeeks Support Forums

        even if you don't have a virus you often have malware that will slow down your machine.

        Two more things I always do:

        Remove ALL toolbars

        Stop any programs from opening on start up, especially any that can or need to exchange information with the Internet--like Limeware or Google Desktop--even if they don't slow you down when you start up, they will eventually as they try to "synch" up with their websites.
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    I have read that checking registry can help and also try to unload or empty your recycled bin all the time.
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    geekstogo website can also help you clean any malware off your computer, for free. I've used their resources for years.
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    Wow, you guys, thank you so much for all the good advice. I'm off to try a few things out.


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      If its painfully slow then i would recommend saving all of your important documents on an external hard rive or multiple of usbs sticks if needed, and then reformatting your hard-drive. Once that is done install an anti virus and spyware program.
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