Payments on Personal Account?

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Hey everybody,

I know I have been bothering everybody with this banking issue from a time to here, and I'm very sorry for that, I really hope I can start to give back to this great community as sooner as possible for all the great wisdom I practicaly eat every day here.

I just need to get a US account open (I have money waiting at CJ desks and, well... I need it ) and need to know if there is anybody receiving payments from any affiliate company (Commission Junction, Clickbank, ShareASale, etc.) into your US personal accounts, instead of a bussiness account.

The branch account manager I'm in touch with asks me to see the contract between me and the companies and I don't know exactly what to show.

So, if anybody here is receiving payments to a Personal account I'll be glad to know.

As usual, thanks, thanks, and more thanks from a fellow warrior starving to stop asking and start helping more.

#account #payments #personal

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