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So I'm gonna create a digital infoproduct. It's meant to teach folks using PLR products how to REALLY use PLR for maximum profitability and income.

It's gonna be pretty huge and comprehensive. Product formats come in PDF, audios and videos. On top of that, customers will also get a huge huge bonus that comes in the form of a done-for-them video product in a hugely competitive(and profitable) niche

What would be a reasonable amount to charge for something like this:

1) On the WSO section

2) For the general market

Lazy Bryan
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    Bryan, you want me to take a wild guess? That's all it would be because one cannot determine an appropriate price without seeing the product.

    A 500 page product that sucks isn't worth as much as a 10 page product that is great. I'm not saying your product will suck, just trying to illustrate my point - there's no way to know withing seeing the product.

    Another factor is your copywriting ability. The better you are at it the more you can ask for the product. But, if you just want wild guesses...

    $17 - 37 WSO
    $27 - 97 On the open market

    There are my wild guesses.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    Try to get someone who is already making money out there. It is no easy feat starting just like that.

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