My One Year Story

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This is meant to be inspirational for those that might be struggling in getting started right now. I know a lot of people have been a lot more successful than me in their first year, but I am still so grateful for my success in my first year of IM and want to share the inspiration and joy with the Warriors.

As you see, I signed up for the Warrior Forum in August of 2007. That is when I first started kicking this whole Internet Marketing idea around. This is one of the first places I heard about so I cam over and signed up. I did not stay long though b/c I had heard how everyone here will "tear you apart for saying/asking something dumb" and I didn't want that to happen to me.

I finally dove into actually doing stuff in October 2007, so I am right at my 1 year mark.

My goal was low when I first started. I didn't need a job at all, so I wanted an extra $500/month to just mess around with... take my girlfriend to dinner and to the movies and such.

I was a pre-dental major and studied about 90% of my free time and never even imagined my little venture into IM would get me much. Well, now I am a Marketing major and am still getting my degree that I plan to NEVER use in my life.

My goal of $500/month was quickly shattered... it became $500 every 2 weeks, then $500/week within a few months. Keeping with my original goal of $500/month... I have made my goal for my yearly income in the past week alone.

One of the key things I have learned is to keep my eyes open for opportunities everywhere. I have built a great business off of a method that 99% of people wouldn't even think of. I will say no more about that b/c I don't want people to get upset and say this is self promotional.

Another key to everything is building relationships. A huge part of my business model is based 100% on being able to build a relationship with people. I have built friendships with successful people and am now able to mastermind with some amazing marketers.

I am just coming off of having my product promoted by the very first person who's list I ever signed up for. This was the first person to get me started in Internet Marketing and not too long ago seemed like almost a celebrity type person that I never even dreamed of meeting... not we are in the same mastermind and I would go as far as to say we are friends.

If you are having trouble getting started making money, just keep your head up and stay focused. I honestly believe IM is something 99% of people can do if they just put their mind to and try to think beyond "the next big thing" that Guru A, Guru B, Guru C... so and and so forth say is going to skyrocket your business and all this stuff (I'd be a billionaire if I had listened to them every time in the past year).

A special "Thanks" goes out to all of you Warriors too... once I got over my stage fright and came back here I learned SO much. There are too many people here to thank personally but I learn from everyone here, so a big thanks to ALL members.

Matt Davis
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    Originally Posted by matthewd View Post

    One of the key things I have learned is to keep my eyes open for opportunities everywhere. I have built a great business off of a method that 99% of people wouldn't even think of. I will say no more about that b/c I don't want people to get upset and say this is self promotional.

    Matt Davis
    Hi, this is inspirational but incomplete. Pls go ahead and tell us ? thanks.
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    Hey Matt:

    Excellent post - many thanks.

    I especially refer to your point about building "relationships" - the TRUST factor - because that's often the missing factor with Online Marketers.

    LOA (LAW OF ATTRACTION) - I myself LOVE this - it's based on the principle of GIVING - becoming SOLUTIONS Providers to others - and thus, "attracting" to us those who seek answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.

    It's a mindset thing - "we attract into our lives that which we give our time, energy and attention to - both positive and negative!" :-)

    In addition - - -

    With InterNetwork Marketing (my own focus) // Affiliate Marketing // Internet Marketing, we depend on our own creative talents and entrepreneurial spirits. We have "control" over our own efforts. We call the shots, with no boss or supervisor telling us what to do.

    A BETTER LIFE - I believe that we, as Online Marketers, are part of the one of the greatest opportunities in the world in my opinion. And we're not constrained by territorial boundaries or restrictions that may inhibit 'others' from growing their (traditional) businesses.
    Our opportunity is only limited by our own vision, imagination, desire and determination for achieving a better life.

    Here's wishing you much continued success and happiness, Matt.

    Sincerely / Peter A.

    Peter Arnold, CLU, CFC // Founder
    Business Achievers Academy // Canada
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    That is fantastic, and I know it feels good. I assume as you found opportunities, you also made a lot of good friends. Remembering the great things that you did together with others has made it even more gratifying to see them also reach success.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    Awesome story and congratulations on your success. I can't wait to share my one year story and hope it is something almost identical.

    As a fellow college student, I feel blessed to have found IM this early and even though I'm finishing my civil engineering degree, it is also a degree that I will NEVER (Happily) use.

    To your continuing success
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