I Need Help and Tips for Writing a STRONG Resource Box

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As I'm learning the ropes to the IM thing, and I've read about the importance of making a strong call to action in your resource box, I've been wondering whether my call to action is strong enough because I don't mention the fact that I'm selling a product, just that I have the answer that they're looking for on my site.

Here I posted one of my strongest articles. It's been up for one week and has gotten 51 views and 13 clicks, giving it a CTR of 25.5%


And this one has only been up for 2 days, has gotten 25 views, 5 clicks and a CTR of 20%


Can someone who's good at article marketing help me out by letting me know whether I'm making a strong enough call to action in my resource boxes?

I'd really appreciate it.
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    I find when you include the article inside the resource box the CTR sky rocket, I seen how your resource box looks but it does not sound like it include in the article. Another tip you want have that strong call to action.

    Remember people like to be told what to do, so tell them to click your link Another thing you want make your viewers feel like they need to click on your link, you have a good resource box my friend you may need to send more traffic to that article.. Hope I Help

    Ty Neal
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    Put your last paragraph of your article in the resource box and include the link. That way the resource box doesnt seem separate from the article and people will continue to read and you will have a better CTR.

    My free PSD logs can be downloaded at PSD Bum. Enjoy!

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      Thanks for the GREAT advice, this is VERY helpful..
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          Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

          PS It's always a good idea, if you can, to have a two paragraph resource-box with a link in each paragraph, because some unethical cheats will take your article for their website or newletter and automatically take away the last paragraph (thinking of it as "the author's link") and leave the other one there (thinking of it - if they look at it at all - as "part of the article"). I've had this happen a few times.

          You have a good point, because I've had the same thing happen to me as well....
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            Yo Ike,

            Here's how I'd redo your resource box - I've use this formula to get as high as a 86.4% CTR on a 100+ view article. My typical resource box gets 30-35% CTR.

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            The key is to bold the beginning of your resource box to call out attention but also make it part of the article. Then use 2 links - one as an anchor text link for the keyword phrase you are doing SEO on, and the other as a call to action link right at the end.

            Let me know if you need any other help.


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