Paypal Disputes - How Can I Increase My Chances of Winning Them?

by The Oilman 6 replies
I sell a lot of product to a lot of people

Due to the target of my website and nature of my product, my clients are not the most -- classy / reliable / trustworthy people. And I get my fair share of refunds.

Yet my product overdelivers, and It works.

Yet, I still get an occasional wiseguy who claims they never ordered the product.

I then do screenshots of e-junkie showing that the product was downloaded by them

I rarely win with PayPal.

What is he best way to do this?

There used to be some good info on this forum about this -- but I cannot find it.
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    First, know the difference between a dispute and a claim.

    A dispute has no real effect unless someone escalates it to a claim. That's when PayPal looks at it and decides what to do. If it doesn't get escalated, it will expire on a certain date. So if you get a dispute, try to keep it from getting escalated.

    Also for digital products, be sure to include the magic words about the product being a downloadable one that's not covered by the buyer protection policy.
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      I've had the same problem happen to me. The products are labeled quite obviously as being downloadable, but the buyer will say that someone hacked their account and made and unauthorized purchase - this is what you're referring to, right, The Oilman?

      I can't give you any advice about how to win these disputes or whatever they are, because Paypal always gives the buyer their money back when they claim unauthorized purchase... at least in my experience.

      I have a love/hate relationship with Paypal. They make it so easy for the buyer to pay and also so easy for the buyer to screw you out of your money.
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        Thanks guys .. Yes its a real drag

        Its basically people not knowing where they spent their money.

        Or people just trying to rip off a digital product.
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    Strange. I am getting a massive error at the bottom of my screen when I try to resolve the claims.

    My issues are all 'claims'. I wanted to 'resolve' and I got an error. I got this yesterday too

    Anyone else experiencing this?
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      I'm not sure you can win any disputes with PayPal.

      There are a lot of people angry with them for a lot of reasons.

      I suggest going to

      This site will actually give you employee names and telephone numbers to call.

      Hope this helps.

      Tommy Edwards
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    I have heard that PayPal often sides with the buyer. I've had one dispute as a seller, and that was a person who thought that was how you got your refund rather than just contacting the seller...anyway, it's often easier to just refund the person and write it off as the cost of doing business. You can always e-mail them and say that should they receive their refund they need to delete it from their hard drive.

    They might not actually do it, but it's worth a shot
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