Web 2.0 collides head-on with the "real" world...

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Today after church I was introduced to someone. He said, "you can't be the Kelly Verge... the Kelly Verge???"

I chuckled, thinking he was joking.

He said, "I see your name all over the place."

I asked him what he was talking about, and he said he has seen me all over the Internet. He found me first on Twitter (back when I was working Twitter, I had a fair number of followers), but then, curious, saw my name in lots of different places online.

This was the first time for me that someone local knew of me because of my online presence.

This tells me two things:

First, real-world businesses must start engaging their customer base online. If they don't, their competitors will beat them to the punch (if they haven't already). More and more people are going online to research local businesses and the names behind those businesses. Doesn't it make sense to have them find your message rather than what others are saying about you?

Second, be very aware and careful of what you're doing online as well as what your name is attached to. I stand behind everything I do in my online business and am completely ethical in my practices. I don't dip into niches that I don't feel 100% OK with ethically, and I use pen names in those that are a little "different" (thankfully my name isn't tied to my old Hannah Montana site!).

The lines between "local" and "online" are just beginning to blur, but the more connected the world gets, the more important both of these things will be.
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    Originally Posted by HypeFree View Post

    It's amazing how people recognize one another from online in the real world. I like the idea with pen names. If you are in multiple different niches with the same name that might be a problem since people are googling the name and that could be a problem.

    Yeah, I use pen names first for congruity. I create a persona that meshes with the niche. My second reason is to protect my niches.

    I've just never considered that these pen names would matter in the "real" world.
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      Always a bit fun to be recognized.

      While for some folks the internet is a way to interact that separates them from people I think in most cases, and certainly in the business world, it interconnects us even more and often in unpredictable ways.
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    Hi Kelly,

    Great share, thanks. You bring up something really cool.

    "Invisibility means death online." You or your pen name must become visible, well known, and impossible to escape from - in a good way.

    Thanks for the reminder!

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