Do you use Outsourcing?

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If you do, how has it been working for you?

If you don't why not?
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    I don't use it anywhere near enough.

    Time is money. Given my background I can't help but to look at things from an investment point of view.

    If I can pay someone $15 to make me $30, then it's a no brainer. If you know how much your time is worth and someone is willing to sell their's to you for less, why not buy it?
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    Outsourcing has worked a lot for me to create a passive income generating plus a lifestyle business that I enjoy until now. Here's the story behind this:

    Vera Raposo from Small Business Branding interviews Tyrone Shum : Internet Business Podcasts | Internet Business Profit Resources | Weekly Business Expert Podcasts

    Enjoy learning.
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      I've been outsourcing article writing more and more lately. I don't have enough time to write everything I need myself and I find that other writers sometimes come up with a different slant on a topic that I may not have thought about.
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    Yes, definitely.. I have been hiring virtual assistants from various countries to help me automate most parts of my business. I would definitely recommend you to do so after you have achieved a certain level of income.

    At the start, you want to exchanging your time to build income. But later on, you want to use your income to build more income.
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    My business would cease without outsourcing! I cannot do all the things I need to do myself both from a time point of view as well as an expertise point of view. Outsourcing is the way to go & the best use of time as well.
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    Absolutely; take full advantage of it. Used it for a long while and it helps so much.
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    Outsourcing is the way forward..
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    Yes, I do.

    I am using the services of form my PSD to HTML and PSD to WordPress projects for the past 1 year and it has been a nice experience. Being located in India the geographical location gives it a price competitiveness and being one of the finest English speaking country in Asia , the client servicing is also nice..

    PSD to HTML / Theme Conversion Service -

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    I always do it myself..never outsource. I believe in perfection and that comes from my work only.
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    Yes I do and it's doing great for me.

    I've been outsourcing article writing because it saves me a great deal of time.
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    Wow, a lot of great comments.

    I hired a full time outsourced employee about 2 months ago, and it's made a huge difference in my business and my mindset. I finally see how I could turn the "Job" I built myself into a real business.

    I guess the next questions are,

    1) Do you have someone working for you full time yet?

    2) How much do you pay per hour for outsourced work?

    My answers to the above are 1) Yes, and 2) $175/mo.

    2 hours + $50 = 1 full 40 hour work week -
    How does that work? With Cloning of course. Watch the free videos at the url above.

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