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Hi guys!

I have a domain and hours spent on studying information from some of the top marketers.

I don't have an ebook because my first goal was to test a niche (involves mostly teenagers).

First idea was squeeze page (similar to Eben's), combined with article submission & AdWords/Facebook.

Second, a blog with articles.

Criteria would be - not spending much time on content if the market wouldn't spend money on product in the first place.

What would be the optimum way to do it?

Also, when should I write a copy and create a sales letter? Should I do it without having an ebook, to test the need first?
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    This is nothing new, but here's what I would do:

    1. Build your blog and add a few posts related to the topic of your proposed ebook.

    2. Create a free report or video that can be given away to those who opt in... and make sure your opt-in form is very prominent on your blog. Don't be too afraid to use scripts like Ultimate Footer Ad to increase your opt-in rate. Consider the #1 purpose of your blog to be to get opt-ins.

    3. Promote the hell out of your blog. Use social networking, article marketing, whatever you can. Spend the majority of your time driving traffic to your site.

    4. You should be able to tell by your opt-in rate if there is demand for your product. You also should have a really nice list of potential customers, so create your product and sales page and then mail it out to your list.

    5. Use the list to market similar affiliate products. Also be sure to send out (free) periodic helpful information to your list members.

    Like I said, it's nothing new but that's the proven formula. By building your list, you can test the waters for your own product and also use it to market other people's products.
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    Thank you Rob!

    Heroe's journey

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      Yep, testing is the only way here.

      But if you product solves a burning problem then you will have success.

      For instance, people who need back with their ex, are emotionally hot, and are desperate and motivated for a solution.
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        Originally Posted by CianMcCarthy View Post

        Yep, testing is the only way here.

        But if you product solves a burning problem then you will have success.

        For instance, people who need back with their ex, are emotionally hot, and are desperate and motivated for a solution.
        Spot on info here, the best markets and products that produce successful online businesses, are the ones that trade in comsuable markets, the ones that host products for sale on a repeat business basis, like skin care or diet products, they are products that offer solutions to peoples problems!

        Once you get mthem on your customer list after a first sale, you are building a strong long term repeat business!

        All experts have the keys to success! I'm on a journey to bring them to you...

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    I just have one question:

    your market involves mostly teenagers? Is that a market where you can make money? If you sell online, chances are people will need to have a credit card to buy from you. Are you sure teenagers can do that? Is your product something their parents will approve and buy online?

    Before you sell something you must be sure you have buyers. This is for you to think about, not to criticize and put you down.



    Resources, Tools and Strategies for Starting Your Own Business In the Internet

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    Jorge, that's a good question. I've been thinking about it for some time. And yet, as Cian said, I was following emotionally hot or burning desire trail.

    It goes like this :

    -My niche is acting

    -Teens are most eager to take action in this niche, from experience

    -Researches shows that teens are increasingly using credit cards (even have theirs)

    Fact might be that I couldn't offer many back-end products later, because of their budget.
    This niche is a bit tricky, but I guess it could be ok for a start. What do you think?

    Heroe's journey

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    There is no harm in starting with Teenagers especially as you've found out that quite a number of them are now possessing credit cards. Just follow your heart and passion.
    However, get ready to learn everything there is to learn from this first experience.
    You might be the first to make it very big with this class of buyers on the net.
    Also, get set to quit if what you expected does not turn out the way you believed. That is not to say that you should chicken out at the slightest indication' of failure.
    Best of Luck.
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    Exactly what Rob said above.

    Although I agree with jbento, teenagers are not a money market. They typically don't have credit cards and don't have much money.

    If I were going to target a teen market I probably wouldn't bother with an ebook but instead do an adsense site or some type of CPA offer that may target teenagers. Like something to do with facebook. I've never really looked into it because it's not a good niche to target.

    35-55 should be your target market online.

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    100% for sure teens won't have the credit card for this. However, I do have a number of clients who target the same demographic as you but instead of having only credit cards we found a pricing model that allowed for payment via sms which actually drove revenues up after a month or too. Maybe you could consider this as an option. The other point I will make which I hope will be of assistance to you is that from the stats we learned that when only credit cards were being used it was the parents credit card used, (the mums) in most cases. Best wishes, Kieron
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