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Is there any people developing iPhone apps or games for live in this forum?

I want to know about the figures and your opinion on iPhone apps and games development as me and my friends want to set up a team to do this business. But I really want to hear Warriors' view here. It seems so many apps are already launched and occupied in the Apple online shop! What do you think?

Thanks dudes!
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    market is too huge in the appstore. everyone is making apps. even my dad, your neighbor, my cat.

    If you want to try this mobile market, you gotta have a good and concrete marketing and a&p strategy.
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    Thanks Istvan!

    That's really funny talk and nice presentation on the development history of his iPhone apps. It also told me about the market and ways of how to make money in Apple shop.
    What you have to do is Sales, Sales and Sales

    What you have to do is Quality, Quality and Quality!
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    I've had some experience developing apps for symbian . The basic philosophy of sales applies to iphone too i guess.
    a) YES, phone software will make more sales than comp software but the prices/profit margin is lower.
    b)Development time is lower but testing and debugging is vital.
    c)If you REALLY want to make money you need to figure out something unique(duh)
    d)Probably the most important. Phone software is all about easy of use and user interface. Put a lot of time and thought into this.

    Thats about it..
    good luck!
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    Thank you! Rammbhat!

    Your advice is really valuable to me!

    Actually I have worked in developing mobile applications and games before! It is quite painful for those mobile application development company, because you have to spend a lot of time on handset porting! But iPhone is quite standardized in this part, and they have the simple revenue sharing model which I think can gain some money on this their online apps. I still worry about iPhone apps market. It look quite competitive!
    What you have to do is Sales, Sales and Sales

    What you have to do is Quality, Quality and Quality!
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    The market IS competetive, but the benifits are that you dont have to pay a lot for a certificate and stuff like with symbiam. And dead on about the porting part. So yea, give a shot at iphone. Tell me how it goes
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    A good app is a good app. Make sure it fulfills an everyday problem and you'll not need much marketing.
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    As above the app store is flooded with apps so you will have to consider your marketing and use every available source you can. I hang out over on iphonedevsdk forums and as I have just released app #3 onto the store for which I want to get alot of traction for I hooked out this thread on the forum which might be of use; A 10 Day iPhone App Marketing Effort by Two Marketing Noobs - iPhone Dev SDK Forum

    Games sell much better, ratio is about 9/10-1 over utilities so like IM you could look at the niches. My first app was a niche product which needed a server app also and sales have been small and steady. App #2 is a utility which is a slow burner, not done much promotion but was released worldwide and app #3, Flirt SMS - Send flirty texts without revealing your identity! ? Home I'm hoping will go well but is only for the UK itunes store.

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