Anybody else notice the new PayPal changes today? (I wonder what focus group thought this was good?)

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Hello Warriors,

Has anyone else noticed the change that PayPal made today with their checkout page...

It's got to be the weirdest thing I've ever seen PayPal do.

I think in an attempt to get "cool" they created a totally weird checkout procedure that is quite annoying...

What's with the funky slide in and slide out feature and the tiny text in the left hand bar?

And who exactly designed this?

Something tells me this is a focus group session gone terribly bad...

Oddly enough, it doesn't ever show up in IE for me, just in Firefox.

Question: Do you think it will a) stay around long? and b) lower conversion rates?

Jack Duncan
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    Jack, I'm not seeing this, at least on two of my products I just checked. (I'm using Firefox also.)

    Do you have a screen shot?

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      Here is a screenshot I just took...

      Now, it's a little hard to explain what happens...

      Basically, that section on the right will slide in and out depending on what screen you
      are on...

      You don't actually leave this page, it just changes and's kinda weird, you'd just have to see it and try it to see how it interacts when you checkout...

      Jack Duncan
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    wow this is........ugly.
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    • Profile picture of the author Jack Duncan said that right.

      One of the problems is that the font is so small...

      Also, the terms will show up in the left hand section, along with a confirmation message...but the whole time, you are really focusing on the right side that moves and changes as you select and put information in...

      Seems really disjointed...IMO...

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    When I first started using PayPal I found it very confusing to use. I am sure other first time buyers also struggle with the old interface. Maybe this change is aimed at new users and not those familiar and comfortable with the existing/old interface?
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      Strange! (and yes I agree, ugly - and can probably get confusing for less experienced users?) I just bumped a WSO this morning and didn't get that - haven't bought anything since, maybe they put the change into effect after that. God I hope it doesn't stay - so far two of my order pages are looking normal but maybe I better go check all of them now! :rolleyes:

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        Also, I am only getting this with Firefox, not with IE...

        Not sure if maybe some technology they are using requires Firefox to work or function properly, but I've tried to get this to popup in IE with no success...but it pops up in Firefox every time now...
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    I bought last sunday via paypal, but didn´t notice the changes you mentioned. It seems to be really new. But I think these changes are def. targeted as Fraggler mentioned for newer paypal users. I´m really excited now for my next payment. Hope it is not as bad as described ;-))
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    Yes Paypal has a new checkout today this happens to me too, I hope this doesn't confuse my new buyers, and I don't receive any announcement about this new layout from paypal, is it just a beta release?
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    I too have just clicked on a paypal sign up page using Firefox nothing happened I feel left out
    You may be right as in a focus group...
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      It's the same old one for me:


      “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~Ernest Hemingway

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    It's been that way for me since last week. To me the worst change is that the 'return to merchant' button is gone and replaced by a tiny text link.

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      Yes, I noticed that as well and was hoping that wouldn't cause an issue with product downloads...

      Since some people don't get download emails delivered to their inbox at times, this was usually the way that you navigated to the download page after you made a payment...

      It's quite odd... why did they do away with a button in favor of a small text link?

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    Bad, bad idea. I hope they are not slowly adding this...

    I don't have time but you may want to post a question/complaint here:
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    Jack apparently it's a 'known problem' but it hasn't been fixed for weeks.

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    Looks suspiciously like it may be a mobile landing page test... PP is screwing around with a LOT of Mobile handset coding right now, and you may have caught a test.

    I'm Baaaaaack...
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    Mine are still the same. That checkout page you
    showed us doesn't look bad if you ask me though.
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      I'm glad you brought this up as I was beginning to this it was a fake paypal scam. I used it earlier today and it was the new funky way and then used it again about an hour later and it was back to the old way. Very strange.

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    Looks suspiciously like it may be a mobile landing page test... PP is screwing around with a LOT of Mobile handset coding right now, and you may have caught a test.
    That's a really interesting angle...not sure how my browser could been flagged as a "mobile" user, but it certainly makes sense as to why the fonts are so small and the slide in/out feature might be used...

    Now...wouldn't that just take the cake if they found something that worked for mobile users and decided the functionality should be used for all users...

    Very interesting point you bring up though...
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    Looking at Jack Duncans screen capture, it looks like this new cart style form will lessen conversions rates for those using paypal. Why? Because if the user does not have a paypal cookie in their browser, they still have to make an extra click to drop the CC form down so they can actually pay via card.

    Just the act of having to find, read and then click that highlighted text on the bottom right hand side will lose 30% of sales easy.

    In the old style, the credit card capture form was right there on the left hand side as soon as the payment page was loaded (provided no paypal cookie was already in the cache)
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    Hmmm, I also do not think much of this " pop up " style, cart, looks like a bad idea, what were they smoking.
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    It's still the same old same old for me..

    hmmm maybe they are doing some random testing.

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      Nobody's really sure what they were smoking.

      Today it is a little they will bounce you back and forth between some of the old pages and the new design...

      Oddly enough, they have now completely removed the option to return to the merchant after just says "You made a payment of XXX" and says a receipt will be emailed...

      Maybe they are still struggling with the "Return to Merchant" image button issue.

      Jack Duncan
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    Looks like a mobile layout to me judging by the sizes.
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    It is not a global change. It is a gradual change. Only some offers come up with the new payment form. Most are still in the old format. You will see it eventually, for sure, if make many WSO purchases.

    I made a similar OP when one of the WSOs I got failed to download using the new interface. I posted a thread about it basically inquiring if it was an elaborate phishing scheme. I agree that the unexpected change may have been better served with a general email to everyone announcing the new format. I dont recall recieving any notification of the change.

    It looks more modern but other than aesthetics, I don't see any substantial improvement.
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