Little Trick To See What Is Happening In Your Market...

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I am sure many of you know this but it can't hurt to share, just encase others have missed this .

Ok... There are plenty of social media tools which tell you what twitter, facebook etc... Is doing but if you want to see what good oh Google is doing for your market then it is very simple.

Go to Google, type your market it in and hit search and now you should be on the Google results page.

Click on "More Search Tools".

Now there is a whole list of options open to you, you can see the type of content Google likes in the last year or in the last 24 hours. You can have fun with the wonder wheel to find more keywords for your niche. You can even removed the bulk of shopping sites from your listings.

Have a play with it, it can be a great tool especially when researching a niche and finding out what your market wants . I know it may be basic but hey, if it helps a few people, my work is done , enjoy...
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    Thank you for reminding us, too many times I get caught up in a project or too near sighted and forget to use some of the knowledge I believe a lot of us here possess!
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      Hi Lee,

      Nice post. Helpful and informative.
      I stick out my neck and share some more nuggets.

      I usually sell to people what they want. I sell what sells like pancake.

      Quick way to do it, go to clickbank. Check the marketplace. Rank the products by popularity. The ones on the top are the best-sellers.

      Sure. you get lots of competition but you can be sure that you are selling something that people really wants.

      It is like selling hamburger to hungry hamburger lovers.
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    I have been using more options on google for months now and they are awesome

    “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~Ernest Hemingway

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      Originally Posted by Mohammad Afaq View Post

      I have been using more options on google for months now and they are awesome
      Please share the more mentioned, the more it helps .
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    Thanks for the reminders - I forgot about these tips or maybe just got lazy.
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    its amazing how much is right in front of us that we just miss.

    the elusive obvious as they say...
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    Really, really good tips. Thanks for taking the time to share!
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    Thanks for the reminder. I am starting again and needed that.
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    Thanks Lee, Good reminder

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    The wonder wheel is an interesting tool itself!
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    I use these simple but effective tools all the time. Sometimes it really is the simple things in life that works best.
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  • Not sure if anyone has realized this but you can get newly crawled results for your keyword delivered to your RSS feeder.

    An example is:
    make money - Google Blog Search

    Notice the keyword is "make+money" and the results in this case are from blogs using the blog search function.

    Saves valuable time having the results delivered to your rss feeder rather then having to go out and manually type in your keywords and filter the results.
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