How to INVITE ALL in FACEBOOK and advice to get MORE TRAFFIC!

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Ok so this made my business SO much better..... You need to do this. Some of you might know this - some of you might not?! I certainly didn't and I just laughed and watched more money roll into my account and saved myself HOURS upon HOURS of time!

If you like what I am about to share with you then please leave a comment about it - I want everyone to know this method as it saves so much time so you can make so much MORE MONEY

Ok... So everyone knows that Facebook is an awesome way to get traffic to your sites... BUT did you know that the best way is to build groups. You can build unlimited groups in unlimited niches. The beauty of this is that you can message all your group members in one go meaning that you can build your own mailing lists with hundreds of members.

The problem I used to have was this:

I have over 4750 friends on one of my facebook accounts so when I created a group and wanted to add all I had to sit there and click each friend one by one. The hit send... Sounds easy, BUT it would take me about 3 hours...

I then started to hire staff in the Philipines to do this for me and marketing my business through social media... Until one day I found this out thanks to a good friend of mine....

Go and download Google Chrome: Google Chrome - Get a fast new browser. For PC, Mac, and Linux

Install it to your computer and then go to Google Chrome Extensions:

Then get facebook invite all......

NOW when you go to create a group and invite friends you can 'TOGGLE ALL' and then invite all your friends to your group in one go!!

So awesome and so simple - saved me so much time and has enabled me to create over 20 groups with between 200 and 1700 people in each! This is really powerful and will really help your marketing on facebook!

Remember time is money and you really need to use this method...

Go give it a go!

You can find a video on this in the link on my signature! NO OPT IN and its TOTALLY FREE!

If you are not familiar with Facebook Marketing I will explain a bit more about my experience and how I have found it to help me... This is right off the bat so I am sorry for messy spelling and grammer - I am heavily dyslexic... I know it is not an excuse but hey I might as well let you know!

I set up an account on facebook to stay in touch with friends from when I was at Uni... I then started thinking about how important and easy it was to market products on there and so I set up another account!

Something I would totally recommend because most of your friends on your personal facebook will not understand Internet Marketing and chances are that you will just get a load of 'banter' from them that they think is funny - but your business buddies won't!

So get a seperate account on facebook - infact get about 3 - 5.....

But start with 2 new accounts... You can brand yourself so well on facebook... go search for 'ben hulme' and you will see what I mean.

Once you have set up your accounts you need to upload photos to show that you are real. I would recommend having about 3 - 10 photos so that you are just not a one photo wonder... People are skeptical of this...

You can use photos to really brand yourself - show what a rock and roll lifestyle you live now you are an IM'er! A picture speaks 1000 words so you really need to get some awesome photos up there...

It is not crucial but you need more than one photo. You can also photoshop your company logo or your URL onto your photo which will certainly help you to get some instant traffic... People who aren't friends with you can see your photo so they will see your URL too...

Once you have your photos done you want to put info about yourself... Let people know about you, so they can get to know you and most importantly TRUST you. I have found this to be totally awesome as people want to talk to me because they know a lot about me and see me as a friend..... AND who wouldn't buy something off a friend right?

Put info about your life and how you can help others (in your niche)... You can really gooverboard here but the important thing is to let your potential clients know that you are there to help them and for them to get to know you more.

The beauty of facebook is that you can connect with people on many levels.. the fb chat on the bottom right - messages and facebook wall posts. You can contact people through your groups and also you can have your own fan page.

My method is this: once you have set up your two accounts add yourself into about 10 - 30 groups to do with your niche. This will show that you are interested in this and you will slowly start to get friend requests on autopilot....

I have had over 160 friend requests in a day and its cool as you have so many new people to network with.
Join the groups from both accounts - and try to get yourself 'out there' as much as possible... This really helps you to brand yourself and be seen by the maximum people on facebook...

You can also add people as friends from these groups... I recomend adding them as a friend and then putting a little note this converts way better and you will make friends faster...

Hey (NAME), I see you are in (GROUP NAME). I am interested in (NICHE TYPE) to and I am looking to networking people who share the same interests. Talk soon. (YOUR NAME)

This shows your reason for contacting them and also where you found them on facebook. They like this as it shows you are a real person and not just randomly adding people.

Just type that message out in word or something like that then copy it and paste it each time you send a friend invite. Don't forget to change the name of the friend you are requesting friendship with! That can make you look silly if you put Hi Bob... to Davina!

So once you have about 100 friends on each account you need to set up your groups....

Set up two groups and you are going to be able to build them FAST!

You go to the home link at the top and then on the left you will see groups... You can then click on create a group and you are good to go...

Put info about your group 'how to make money for free' or 'dog training that really works' or whatever and make sure you put your BLOG url on your group.

Notice how I say BLOG url - NOT squeeze page or website... I found that when I started pointing people to my blog from facebook I really started to get traffic.

People like facebook to stay social and people trust blogs.. They do not want to be pushed to a sales page of an opt in box... Pointing them to a blog - OR - a particular blog post you have done shows even further that you are genuine and out to help them...

This is really important as when they see you have sent them to a proper blog post of REAL VALUE they are going to really respect you...

The way you capture their info and sell to them is from a lead capture page on your blog... You could use an exit pop up software. The one I use is exit splash - just type it in google! This wil allow you to capture their name and email by offering them YET another FREE bit of info or product!

The reason you do this is because at the point where they get to that page they will have got to know you and will now trust you so without a shadow of a doubt they will opt in! I have tested this and I have been getting opt in stats of over 75% from facebook.. Up to 90% which is just unheard of!!!

SO I know it works - Give it a go.

Anyways - so we are creating the group... Put some info in there and your blog URL.. Allow them to post comments, add photos, add videos etc etc... This means that they are more likely to come back to your group!

You then need to invite people from your first account... You can use the google chrome facebook invite all extension!!

Then once you had added all - send them a polite message too - I have created a new group that I know will help you in your BLAH BLAH BLAH etc....

Then send this out and you will immediately see people joining your group!

Once you have done that with one of your accounts - go and join the same group with the other account. Then invite all your friends from this facebook account. You will quickly add a lot of people to your groups because you have 2 - 5 accounts!! You can see the power of this?

It takes a little time but when you see the rewards its awesome.. I made over $18,000 for one company using the same methods in just 6 days... well 10 if you include pre-launch... $9,500 of that money was for me as a commission.... I actually won the launch and beat a lot of the 'big guys'..... no names mentioned!

Anyways enough about me... So you can see that you can build a lot of groups up this way and then you can message all your group members in one go - send them to your BLOG... and then get them to go through an affiliate link or sign up to your list.

You need to give them some value in your blog posts... teach them some stuff then put them through your affiliate links... Trust me it works!

I hope that this is helping you out?! I feel I am writing a book here... lol!

Ok then you can create a fan page and then invite all your friends from your accounts to this... You can also message everyone in your groups to show them that you have a facebook fan page... You will get a lot of people 'like' this page and that will be really good for your business!

You can brand this 'fan page' up and have info about your site and your blogs...
This is like the final page so I personally see no reason why you can't link this to your actual websites - but I wouldn't put it directly to a squeeze page as this can be seen as 'spammy'

Once you have built this up you will have a traffic machine sending lots of very specialised, qualified traffic to your sites....

Go give it a try.. It is not the fastest way to get traffic BUT it is my personal favourite because people will trust you and you are building your brand.

The other way is through facebook ads... this is like google adwords - BUT it is more focused... You see... With google ppc/adwords you are waiting for people who are typing your keyword into google... so they are chasing you and have to like your ad...

With facebook ppc you are working on a different system. You are chasing your demographic directly... so say you own a dog walking business in NewYork... You could target your exact demographic...

So in this example we can target men or women who are between 23 and 45 who have/like dogs and work in the city (so we know they are busy at work so need their dog's walking!).... You can target them directly and the advert will show on their facebook page...

Facebook will tell you how many clicks you are likely to get and you can pay per click (ppc) or per thousand impressions (cpm - m is roman numeral for thousand)...

I personally recommend paying per click as I like to only pay for actual traffic not for the chance for someone to possibly click! It just makes more sense for me....

You can target some pretty crazy niches.. say you have a wedding ring design business - you can target the engaged people in your area for example...

Anyways - use your imagination and you can come up with some crazy ideas! Facebook are VERY fussy about what you advertise so have a look through their terms and conditions.

You can add photos to your ads and this is super important...

I wont go into this in too much details as I wanted to mainly teach you the free stuff to do!

I REALLY hope that this helps you and your business! I found it to be totally awesome and get me hundreds of leads a day and a lot of sales!

Let me know your comments and feedback... let others know about this post as I know it can help a lot of people out there and I aim to do exactly that.

Kind regards

Ben Hulme from the UK.
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    Thanks for the share. Good information for saving time.


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    Thank you very much for sharing this - I'm not very good at social bookmarking and just opened a facebook page. On other siteS like vox I saw that you can create groups but did'nt know ho to go about it!

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    Wawww Ben this is a tremendous info, thanks for sharing.
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    toggle all is awesome, that one bit alone was worth the read.

    lots of great content here man, thank you very much.
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    Hey mate! Good read thanks for posting that!
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    Brilliant Ben!

    You've educated everyone on the forum today, I see an increase of marketers diving into Facebook right away.

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    Great share! I have been using this plugin for a little while.

    I have a client who has a Facebook account with almost 4000 friends (refuses to switch to a page ) and I am constantly having to create events and invite all.

    Before there was a pretty easy Javascript solution but now the best way is through the Chrome Plugin.

    A few takes awhile for 4000 friends. Just be patient. Sometimes it will have you input a CAPTCHA for spam protection but then it should go through.

    Another thing is I have tried to do half at a time (2000, 2000) and I found that if I do that it typically won't let me invite the second 2000 because it says "Make sure you are inviting people who will be interested in this event." So make sure you scroll down to the very bottom of your friends list as it seems like you only get one shot.
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