Where To Find Templates For Contracts?

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So I've just landed myself a contract for rendering my product launch management and affiliate management services. Does anyone know where I can get free professional templates of contracts for provision such services?

I'll need to provide them to my client and get him to sign them and send them back to me asap so that I can begin work.

Please help me out here!

Lazy Bryan
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    Just write down what you think are right. Example: Services are rendered only 'n' hours/week for basic charge ... more than that your fee will be increased.

    Some rules and regulations you can think of. It should contain what exactly you are providing them, how to protect yourself etc etc.
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    No offense intended to radhika, but that's somewhat of a dangerous approach. For example, what happens in the event that you feel your client doesn't hold up to their end of the bargain? What happens if they feel the same way about you? Who is responsible for taxes in the event that you are judged to be an employee, not contractor? What about an arbitration clause? Who is responsible if an affiliate you recruit violates Can-SPAM and the client gets sued? Who owns work product?

    You can get a boilerplate contract made for very little money by pretty good lawyers...if you are making your living doing this it's worth the investment to protect yourself.
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    You want an independant contractor form, if I understand it correctly?

    This page from my website mentions a few sites with free and paid for contracts.
    Get free forms and free contracts online
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    thank you for this link, will check later!
    have a nice day!
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