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If your glass is half full and you have some experience with mobile marketing and its appeal for local business, I wanted to start a thread on different mobile marketing campaigns and the pros and cons if any.

I'm sure there are alot to share...

Let me begin...

In the world of restaurant mobile marketing there is a need to provide interaction with a specific young demographic with of course money, and a handheld device. These potential customers want to be apart of 1, 2 or maybe 3 local restaurants and be offered specific coupons, menu updates and one time offers.

Local Warrior: Build relationship with SMS provider and be able to provide an sms/mobile service locally. Offer to local restaurants a coupon program for this demographic. Entice all customers through the use of large posters in the restaurant to enter keyword "coupon" to short code 11111 to receive coupon.

If you have a provider that can offer unlimited keywords, each of your servers could also have one so they can compete with each other, but also provide the coupons to their customers when they serve...

Hopefully there are other potential campaign out there...

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    Sounds like it could work. Have you actually done this and had success?
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    No I haven't yet since I'm building my relationship with a provider right now who has the necessary backend to accomplish what I want.

    I'm basically running ideas around to see what's out there but also to fine tune ideas I have already.

    On the other side:

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    What about mobile marketing on sales receipts... do some offline cold calling?

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    Great idea Mitch, I'd like to see where this goes.

    Best Regards,

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    Is bluetooth or proximity marketing opt in?

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