If you could only ask 1 Question about making money OFFLINE..what would it be?

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Hi Warriors,

I'm doing an interview with an offline marketing legend and am wondering what's on people's minds, so if you could only ask him 1 question . . .

what would it be?

Thanks for your input,
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    The question that should be asked .... is what TYPE OF SYSTEM is the best to put every client down that maximizes loyalty and revenues for you AND the client. Systems give you the luxury of getting to rehearse your pitches, models and sheets to give the clients...not to mention rehearsed closing strategies.

    Just think about the rehearsed pitches and stories for comics (for example). The reason these guys are so good...is they have PRACTICED THE SAME STORIES AND PERFECTED THEM....which is why they are so good about their craft of making people laugh. Rehearsed funnels and systems is the way to go !

    It's all about systems !

    Success to you,

    Chris Negro

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      never a truer word spoken. The world revolves around systems, yet so many business owners are scared of them.

      Why is it that McDonald's can get 16 year olds to help run multi million $ businesses when their parents can't even get them to clean up their bedrooms - it's because of their systems.

      Just writing down how you do things is a system, it's not that hard.

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    ^^ What Chris said! Seriously, that in itself could be a great interview. If it were me, I would ask --

    What's different about offline marketing - what rules do you go by online that wouldn't work offline? What rules stay the same? What strategies work even better offline than on?

    Hope that's enough questions to help
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    Greatest marketing strategy is networking and connecting in the community you want to do a business in.. I would ask about some of his toughest experiences and solutions.. I agree.. the world does revolves around systems..
    I offer CPA coaching and investment opportunities for those SERIOUSLY interested in making money directly or indirectly with affiliate marketing. PM me for details.

    Read More about CPA/Affiliate Marketing on my Blog
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    Hi Steve, I would love to ask what system he used to make is first dollar, and go on to ask how has things changed from then and what syetem he uses now. It is three questons really, but they lead on from one another hopefully giving a huge answer; that I think people would be interested in. Also it covers a lot of ground, and further questions would lead from them.
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    Whats the best strategy to combat the major onslaught of overseas "wanna-be" SEO & web design companies flooding most local businesses with phone calls, emails stating that they promise 1st page in Google for some insanely low price? By time we get to contacting the business owners about our service, so many of them are whipped into thinking that SEO can be done for pennies on the dollar & websites can be built for $100 each....

    Also with TV commercials like "Intuit" showing businesses that they can build their own websites for only $4.95 per month.....We come along with pricing of $1500 or more & they question us thinking we are trying to rip them off...

    Or with the likes of Constant Contact who has been bombarding local radio with commercials wth much lower pricing for autorsponder services...

    I field questions by local business owners regularly on these topics, asking why so much when they can go to so-n-so & pay $4.95 a month & pay that for 25 years before they get to paying out the $1500 I'm offering now....

    I have my own list of responses which have been working OK, but it still leaves me feeling like I have to justify everything, especially in todays business economy where business is trying to save every penny they can....

    I would be interested in seing what your expert has to say......or anyone else who can shed some light on this....


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    agreed with Jaggred the biggiest obstacle to offline marketing is all the other people calling up and offering their services, y are you different?
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    What is the best line to say to a gatekeeper or business owner to have him agree to meet up for a pitch.

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    How to you get offline business owners to actually take the leap...

    Almost all offline business owners "know" that they need to be online. Most just just don't seem to be able to make the connection.

    So how do you get them to make the connection between having people that are searching online for the product or services that they provide and having those people turn into real money in their pocket.

    I guess its like the online marketer who knows that other people are making money selling online but until *they* actually make their first sell its a little bit harder to believe, see and understand the whole process.

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    Steve....When is this interview & will we beable to see / hear it?

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    How to do offline research for a niche
    What type of offline niche to target
    Are there any offline evergreen markets
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