Should I use Paypal to Sell my Product?

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Hey Everyone,

I have a small product I'm going to incorporate into one of my lists. If I use Paypal, can people purchase the product and automatically have access to the download link?

And if so, how do I do that?

Thanks in advance.
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    When you make your paypal button the destination URL after payment completion should be your download page.

    There's a tutorial about this somewhere around here... lemme see if i can find it.
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      The only thing is, if it's a digital product, then anyone who knows how to check the source code can easily see your download page URL and get it without paying. I believe there are ways to hide this, but I use a secure download shopping cart (E-Junkie) that does the job beautifully. It sends an email with a secure link that expires after a certain amount of time, as well as forwarding them right to a secure download page after payment.

      It's affordable, only $5 a month for up to 10 products I think. You can check it out here: E-junkie Shopping Cart for selling downloads & tangible goods

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        I am using e-junkie myself to sell digital products and it works great. You can easily make download links and create discount codes for each product.

        It also is easy to set up an affiliate program through it.
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    Has anyone had a problem with people looking at the source code and getting the download link without paying?

    That's never even crossed my mind, but I see that could be a huge problem. I will look into E-Junkie.

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      Originally Posted by reynoldscorb View Post

      Has anyone had a problem with people looking at the source code and getting the download link without paying?
      Paypal have moved on from that thankfully.

      The problem is people can pass your download page around so others can download your product without paying.

      Also, if it's not protected it could be indexed by the search engines.
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        Originally Posted by JustVisiting View Post

        Paypal have moved on from that thankfully.
        That's good to know! I didn't realize they changed it so that doesn't happen anymore - but I agree if you have a static download page it can be shared or listed by search engines. Some people say to use a robots command to "hide" it but from what I understand that doesn't always work with all search engines either.

        Definitely a secure download system is the way to go!

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    I have had with pay pal many issues. However, few people are willing to cut a check and send it to me. They prefer pay pal because it is easy. Getting your own merchant account is a good idea, but to start out you can use pay pal and sim services.
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    Use E-Junkie.
    Create and Differentiate. Illuminate Your Buyers Need or Wants. Grow Rich.
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    I use paypal with a few of my products and works fine.

    if you are planning to have an affiliate program set up with that then clickbank/paydotcom or e-junkie is the way to go.

    you can only reach so many people on your own, with the help of these affiliate networks you open the possibility of other people promoting your stuff without you having to do anything. Might wanna look into that.

    Hope it helps

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    Pay pal is good and reliable. Most marketers as well as the consumers prefer this mode of transaction/payment.
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    • You may use paypal in selling your products, sellers have two options for selling internationally using PayPal. Both options allow your international buyers to pay for items using PayPal. With a PayPal Premier or Business account you can accept credit card and bank account payments from buyers in over 190 different countries and regions worldwide, in several currencies
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    Go and get your free copy of the butterfly marketing script and use that to create your whole site. That way you all your buyers automatically become affiliates, and the download page is held secure within the members area.

    If you want / need any help then I can give you a price to install it, or I've got a video series on that I'll be releasing shortly that I can give you in exchange for a testamonial.
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      I use one shopping cart - I love the ability it gives to do follow up e-mails and upsells. It also allows me to put my add to cart button where ever I want. Haven't heard of E-junkie before today. I'll have to check that service out.
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    Perhaps another thought would be why not use paypal, just a thought, I mean paypal is not anywhere near as bad as many say they are, but then again, you just never know, best not to put your eggs all in the one basket,
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