Finding it hard to get consistant Sales

by JeffersonB 5 replies
Been working on a project solely for around 3 months.

And i'm still finding it hard to get consistant sales..

What do you guys recommend?
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    Hi JeffersonB:

    Could you provide some details? Would be easier to help you then.

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      It's a project on video tutorials.. it gets regular visits to the web page.. around 70 a day.. nothing major but it's regular, but only get sales at random times.

      There is no consistency in sales, i haven't got a email campaign set up yet which i think could possibly help.
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        Do you know where your traffic is coming from? It may be that you've got a small stream of really targeted traffic that accounts for the sales and the rest of the ~70 a day is really low quality traffic which just doesn't convert.
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          Hi Jefferson,

          The suggestions about analyzing your traffic are golden.

          It seems to me you may not have a handle on who is visiting your site and why.

          I'd start with those who bought. Develop your relationship with them and find out what clicked with them when they bought. Hopefully you'll get a common thread you can weave into a sales message.

          Are they buying directly from your sales page?

          Do they buy after seeing your autoresponder messages?

          You might try polling those who visit to find out what they are looking for.

          You should also be testing your current message to improve sales.

          Try different headlines and so forth.

          Keep your chin up, you've got a good start to build on.

          God bless,

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      Define your market first for planning, that will get you better chance for consistent sales.

      Good Luck

      Love Your Life, Family, Passion

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