Sorry Warriors! Today things change

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Hi warriors,

Over the last 2 years of trying to learn what it takes to make this whole internet marketing game work and ultimately make money online, ive been here so much getting value from all the warriors, but all i have done is take, now is the time i want to start and give back.

It was only a few weeks ago that i actually decided to join the warrior forum because recently i have decided to stop f*****g around with my online business that i have always dreamed off, but never actually properly went at it, yet ive always been confused why im not making money. Nows the time where things change, the journey has begun and i would say i am passed that newbie stage so now its time for me to start giving back to this forum and helping newbies. From today i am no longer a prospect, im a marketer and i hope to give as much value as i can.

Hope i didnt sound like an idiot there ha.

But i really mean what i said

Any newbies on the forum i would love to help because i can remember when i didnt have a clue what to do and having someone send me in the right direction was exactly what i needed. thankfully im heading in the right direction and hopefully soon i can become a fulltime successful internet marketer.

Thanks warriors
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    Nice manifesto Johnny, I look forward to whatever you're going to share.

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    You're making over $120,000 a year now Jonny? Good job.
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    hey thanks mate, im gonna give everything i can from what i have learnt over the past 2 years.

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    ha hanze, thats my target, i will achieve it.

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    As a fellow Marketing with Alex student, I know you have the guts and determination to succeed. I immediately clicked on your post before I even knew you were a fellow student-it is really great! I know you have what it takes to succeed.

    kind regards

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    hey orla, great to see a fellow alex jeffreys student here, dont you just feel like this is the time when its all gonna change, ive never had this feeling. Ive always just thought i might make it online, but now being mentored by alex i think were both gonna do really well.

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    hey orla thanks for your kind comments i appreciate it. I love your blog by the way. your doing a great job

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    That is so kind of you Jonny. I've been on your blog on and off and have sort of followed your journey.

    Its great you have decided to give back. The art of giving back does more things than we can think.

    All the Best mate.

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    hey thanks maddi i really appreciate that, my mentor alex jeffreys is always saying that, keep on giving and good things will happen. cheers

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    Yup. Met Alex briefly twice and I am friends with a few of his students.

    Awesome Chap.

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    Congrats Jonny and good luck to ya. Just keep on going and don't give up.

    Recently, I read a book called "The Ultimate sales machine" by Chet Holmes. It's a great book and i highly recommend you read it.

    In that book, Chet constantly brings up one point and that is whenever you set out to do something you have to have a "pigheaded discipline and determination"

    If you have that, you increase your chances exponentially for success!

    'nough said!

    To Your Success,

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    wow, alex really is the real deal and an amazing mentor. some of his calls he has with us can go on for like 5 hours, he bascially stops when he knows everyone is satisfied and understands, thats why he is so sucessfull, because he is always giving so much. Thats why all these gurus are so good, like frank kern and jeff johnson etc, there always giving.

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    hey peter thanks for your kind words, i like that "pigheaded discipline", thats my new approach to my business, total discipline. whatever needs doing instead of saying, ahh ill do that tomorrow, if you do that i found out that things mount up that you wanted doing, so eventually you get nothing done. i hope thats what pigheaded discipline meant otherwise i have just made myself look extremely stupid, ha.

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