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Hi Warrior,

I'm looking to get your results and improvements by doing more e-mail marketing.

The greatest help will be exact percentage increase, number of dollars extra as a result, time to get the result, able to cut back on expensive marketing and time to implement.

And what broad market this is in.

Numbers give the reader a real benefit for taking up his/her time.

Fellow Warriors will be able to follow this thread and learn, profit and prosper.

A virtual mastermind group if you like.

Looking forward to your involment!

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    Ewen, I am not sure I understand what you are asking for. Are you looking for an email marketing service and want numbers? Or are you asking people to provide the results they have received as a result of using email marketing? Remember, that every marketing method works differently depending on niche, program, product or service. Numbers will also vary depending on the Ad copy. So, in essence there are many factors that can influence the success or failure rate of an email marketing campaign.
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    yeah try and be more specific.

    but rest assured, building a list is the best thing you can do online for your business
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    Thanks Jenny and Cian.

    Just thought people who use email marketing, want to share their methods, their results from testing different approaches.

    Those that do can pick up something from somebody else, others are motivated to try their version and report back results.

    Everybody wins.

    It's the abundant mindset.

    Anybody ready to get the ball rolling?


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    Well ... here goes:

    FREE definately gets more open rate on a consistent basis than any other email subject line I've used.

    I say consistent because I've had more punchy, interest headlines with better open rates but nothing works as well as that one four letter word the world loves .... FREE.

    Heck ... even the spam filter love it!
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      Thanks Big Al.

      I see you are using "FREE" in your signature offers!

      Are you able to come up with "FREE" in your ongoing mail outs?

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    I email market to every niche that I'm involved with. I'm going to be as straight to the point as possible since I'm on the run.

    I create a niche site for a hungry market. I pull all my traffic using content contribution, article marketing, video marketing, and podcasts. All this traffic is directed to a squeeze page where I offer a free gift for their optin. The content is all perfected to only pull the most qualified buyers for what I'm going to be promoting in the autoresponder.

    For markets I am involved in and interested in, I create a year worth of exclusive content messages. I have 1 email scheduled to be sent once a week. I then send a current events/promotion email personally in the middle of the week. This keeps my readers knowing I'm active and can help. Helps build the relationship.

    The markets that I don't want to be active in, I usually have a set email campaign of at least 6 months of emails ready to go. Promotions are set up at key points in the progression of emails to build up the buyer to the product.

    For a couple of the markets I have sites for that I see could do very well if I were more involved, I hire a campaign manager. It's always someone who has lots of interest and knowledge in the niche and can build the relationship with the readers.

    I only promote something once a month unless it's something super special and would be extremely useful with the other promotions.

    Of course the markets I'm more involved with do the best conversion and money wise. The markets I have a campaign manager do second and the niches that I have everything preset do the worst. All three methods have done better then straight promotion though.

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      Thanks Travis,

      You have a great system with several lead sources,
      well planned and pre-loaded messages.

      Would be very hard for a competitor to knock you off because
      most marketers would be to lazy to set up your system.

      No doubt it keeps growing without extra time input too.

      Great lesson there.

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    I have 10k subsrcibers, 10% open rate and virtually 0% unsubscribe rate after 2 years.

    I provide a royalty free song for free with every weekly newsletter. This has a market value of up to $50.

    I have had no success with selling affiliate products on the list, ok sales of my own ebook and very generous donations from the awesome creative people that use my music!
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    there are lots of places to get statistics as well. here's an interesting link from an enterprise software company in the email marketing segment - their software is used to send emails to customers and to set up companies like aWeber (to my knowledge aWeber does not use Lyris, but I know Sparklist did at one point).

    This pdf also references another great site that periodically releases metrics on a wide variety of marketing topics - including email marketing. You usually do have to pay for this information:

    MarketingSherpa Home

    I think iContact's marketing department released some information as well, but don't have it or a link in front of me at the moment.

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