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OK need some left field thinking from the hive mind.
I have 2 niches.
Weight Loss and Nutrition
I can put people in them all day long.
But what do I do with them? I'm scared to death to market them to any affiliate products. I was up until 4am last night until cross-eyed and found 1 product to promote between both niches that didnt have SCAM written all over it. I'd rather do nothing with a list then sell some junk to it so I am kind of at a loss. Should I ditch them , sell them, delete them etc.

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi
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    I would ditch any health related except when there is real hard work involved.

    Any shortcut methods nay.....
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      You could always come up with your own product.

      Or take some PLR and change it to make a unique product and market that.

      First though you need to be building a relationship with them if you are not already doing that. Best to do that first then start introducing offers as and when it's appropriate.

      >>>>> IM Know How<<<<<
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    You are wasting both your potential and your traffic if you try to sell affiliate products anyway. If you don't like the products which are there to promote, create some of your own that you do like.

    There is plenty of room in these niches to build a whole catalog of products. Do some deep research on related forums to find the questions people are constantly asking, and then create the products which solve them.

    Plan to be in this for the long haul. Build at least one list and create your business around that.

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      Originally Posted by Andrew_Wardle View Post

      You are wasting both your potential and your traffic if you try to sell affiliate products anyway.
      Why do you say that? I know of a lot of people right now that are making good money selling affiliate products. Or are you just talking about this particular niche? Just curious.
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    Write your own products. You could base them on PLR as already suggested but in these niches I think that you need something new. Should not be too hard to come up with what the "man in the street" actually wants.
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    The weight loss niche is a tough cookie to crack but not impossible. It would help if you know someone who is overweight to try a product or one of the new diet books (that don't let you starve to death).

    - Address the issues (pshycology) behind being overweight (teenage/child obesity)
    - Take a complete new angle on it
    - Let someone you know (who is overweight) or advertise for guinea pigs to follow a diet plan and record his/her day-to-day progress on a blog
    - Real life photos would help
    - You must be actively involved and answer their questions on your blog

    Nutrition - you could start off by researching child nutrition or the nutrition needs for elderly people etc. Write your own book about it - just do some thorough research.

    Best of luck and give it a go!
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      OK so what I'm taking from this is both are saturated niches and my time would bebetter spent producing a standalone product for them.
      As far as the relationship yes I do have a good footing there, but there have been 0 promotions so far to the lists. I just hate having subscribers not being marketed too even passively.
      I guess I have to read up on PLR. I've been avoiding PLR as most of it out there is junk.
      So that brings my next question.... What are some good spots for good PLR content?
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    Why don't you conduct a survey?

    Just ask them what they want to know most.
    Ask them what health problems they want to solve fast.

    Based on the survey, you can then decide whether to
    recommend a credible affiliate product, or to send out
    your own products...

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      Originally Posted by faridaziz View Post

      Why don't you conduct a survey?

      Just ask them what they want to know most.
      Ask them what health problems they want to solve fast.
      Bingo! If you already have a community communicate with them, or look at your logs to see what is of most interest to them.
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    hi my friend hats off to you with getting people to your website with no prob,this way you want to keep them people you get there, give them a free product first and ask for there email address then send them the product are free report then in a few days send out an email asking them what they want works every time so your asking you list wat they want and you can give then just wat there looking for and they will buy,
    hope this helped bezzer brown
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    Tiffanny Dow produce some good quality content PLR in niches that are not already over saturated - you can check it out at PLR Articles: By Tiffany Dow

    She is also straight-forward and active in the forum, so you'll bump into her sooner or later!
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    I take my hat off to you for even having the ethics to think like this in the first place!

    I had the same problem, I spent hours and hours on Clickbank looking for something that even appeared decent.

    Finally I bought two diet related products. The first contained some very questionable advice, and the second was very complicated.

    My other issue was that wouldn't I be much better recommending that people looking for diet advice go to Weight Watchers or Overeaters Anonymous??

    And I couldn't honestly answer no to that question so I decided to leave those niches alone.

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